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Community Spotlight: Bradenton Police Department and Rayco Electric Establish the Chain Mobile Watch Program


BRADENTON – The Bradenton Police Department is pleased to partner with Rayco Electric to establish The Chain Mobile Watch Program within the City of Bradenton. This program follows the same concept as The Chain Neighborhood Watch.

The Bradenton Police Department held a training seminar to Rayco Electric employees on Friday, Sept. 12th, 2014 at Rayco Electric, 603 18th Avenue West, Bradenton. The purpose of this training is to teach the electricians in the field what some suspicious activities are and how to report them to the Police Department or the Sheriff's Office, depending on where they are working.

Rayco Electric will also contact the watch leader for the area where the electrician is and activate The Chain Neighborhood Watch. If the employee is in an area that does not have The Chain Neighborhood Watch program, Rayco’s employees can still call the appropriate law enforcement agency to report the activity.

The Chain Mobile Watch (a part of The Chain Business Watch) will be the first partnership of its kind between our department and the business community. For more information on how to involve your business or neighborhood in The Chain, please contact Bradenton Police Department Officer Kimberly Camacho at (941) 741-3041 (Office) or by email at kimberly.camacho@cityofbradenton.com


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