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Community Spotlight: Manatee Substance Abuse Coalition attends, co-sponsors Marijuana Summit held at University of Tampa


BRADENTON – Representatives from the Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition (MCSAC) as well as other members of the attended the Marijuana Summit and Marijuana

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Members of MCSAC & HCADA at Summit

Legalization Debate held in Tampa, Florida. The organization claims that "science-based information and evidence given against legalization" far outweighs what it calls "cries for the acceptance of marijuana as a medical miracle." "Until marijuana has been thoroughly tested and approved by the FDA as having 'medical' capabilities, it should remain illegal,” says Lynn Anderson, Chair Emeritus of MCSAC.

The purpose of the summit and debate was to help educate coalition and community members from around Florida. “The summit had amazing speakers that energized us in Manatee with new information and strategies to combat the ‘medical’ marijuana misperception,” says Dr. Jessica Spencer, Project Director for MCSAC. MCSAC Marijuana Task Force Chair Nestor Levesque said, “The summit provided us with relevant and current information regarding the risks associated with marijuana in its various guises. This information will be helpful in developing effective counter points to the commonly held misconceptions of marijuana as an innocuous substance.”

The coalition’s mission is to create community partnerships that implement environmental strategies to reduce substance abuse and promote health and wellness. For further information, go to www.drugfreemanatee.org.


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