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County Posts Community Feedback from Health Care Discussions


BRADENTON -- In an effort to engage the community on a variety of local healthcare topics, Manatee County Government invited the public to two healthcare work sessions on the evenings of May 28 and June 3. Each session involved seven round table discussions on various topics related to Manatee County's healthcare issues.

A table moderator facilitated the discussion while a scribe took notes from each person who joined the discussion. County Commissioners attended the work sessions but were asked to reserve comments for a future public meeting.

Below are the topics that were discussed. Click each topic to view a list of comments from each discussion.

Community health priorities: What are the priorities for our community as it relates to health? This could include physical health, mental health, economic health priorities. How would you address these priorities and which are most critical?

Access to care: What are the issues related to access to care? What is your wait time prior to getting an appointment for primary care? For specialty care? What other issues?

Community stakeholders: Who are the community stakeholders, both individuals and organizations, who should be part of any future discussion? How should these stakeholders be engaged? What data sets should be evaluated as the future of health care in Manatee County is planned?

Prevention: How do we transition the community to health care vs. sick care? What should be the personal accountability for health and how could that be implimented? What are the prime areas for prevention?

Role of local government in healthcare: Should the government have a responsibility for funding health care? For developing programs? For paying for uninsured? For qualifying individuals and determining eligibility? Who falls through the cracks?

Healthcare plan: Should the community plan for health status improvements? What should the focus of the plan include? What are the pros and cons of a health care plan?

Innovation and technology: Should we be a cutting edge community? What great ideas do you have to enhance what currently exists in our community? How should technology be used to drive healthcare and wellness?


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