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Do you have confidence former Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes will be held to account for his alleged felonies?



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  • igobye3959

    Lordy, Lordy. It's so tragic and so laughable. Nothing will happen with this and Manatee County will bounce along on its merry, unethical way until we can get rid of some people and find some with real leadership.

    Friday, February 9 Report this

  • kmskepton

    Why would we? Kruse got off. KVO got off. Baugh - whatever happened to those charges?

    Saturday, February 10 Report this

  • sandy

    And now the State Attorney has decided not to prosecute Baugh and Rahn for sunshine violation even though the Sheriff's office found probable cause.

    Saturday, February 10 Report this

  • rjckeuka4

    It's hard to think he will given history. Hopefully someday the worm will turn!

    Sunday, February 11 Report this