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Do you have confidence that the BOCC will be improved by the 2024 Elections?


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  • barbaraelliott

    Between open primary loop holes and good ol boy operatives, no. Elections won't fix our problems. A federal prosecutor once gave me evidence of election tampering in Manatee County. You won't believe who is behind it. I don't know about other counties, just this one. I know "certain votes never reach the Manatee Election Office". This is the truth so help me God.

    Also just try to get the SOE office to show your ballot to you AFTER an election. They will tell you they can't because "it is immediately destroyed after counting". Maybe so, but state law requires all voting materials including ballots must be retained for two years, used or not, and have to have a plan and permission to destroy the voting materials including ballots. To destroy your ballot before two years has passed is a crime.

    Barbara Elliott

    Stone Soup Manatee Inc stonesoupmanatee@yahoo.com


    Thursday, October 12, 2023 Report this

  • lib224

    Don't lose hope, people. We can turn this around with our votes. Choose better candidates, give them money and help them with their efforts!

    Friday, October 13, 2023 Report this

  • Cwright

    Only if the people in Manatee County are aware of the blatant corruption that 6 of our 7 Commissioners are involved in. Sure, ignorance is bliss, up until said ignorance starts affecting you personally! People had better remember a year from now when they cast their ballots that 6 of our 7 Commissioners voted- at the behest of their multimillionaire developer bosses who finance their campaigns- to ignore proven scientific data and GUT our county’s wetland policy despite the OVERWHELMING public outcry of the citizens whom they falsely claim to serve. Then they proceeded to promote and amplify PURE PROPAGANDA against the permanent housing for Veterans project put forth by the extremely reputable Tunnels To Towers organization. The 6 of them are corrupt, dishonest, despicable and embarrassing. We the people deserve better that what “R” down-the-ballot tribalist voting has saddled us with. REMEMBER COME NEXT NOVEMBER.

    Friday, October 13, 2023 Report this