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Do you think the City of Bradenton should pause new development until it manages to stop dumping sewage in our waterways?



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  • rayfusco68

    The raw sewage dumping is obviously a serious health hazard for all County residents and should be addressed immediately. Another growth problem that has been neglected is the huge bottle neck of traffic that occurs twice a day with cars trying to cross the Manatee river on the Green and Desoto bridges. It seems like our politicians wait for a crisis to occur before they start to plan an action. Hint to the County planners you have to project what the effects of growth will be and implement solutions before the crunch comes. What is up with working on the medians and partially paving Manatee Avenue West during peak season? When will 75th street finish its expansion to 4 lanes from 2 at the Manatee Avenue intersection? I was told, by a County Commissioner that there was a traffic study showing that only a two lane road on 75th street south was needed even though you have Aqua by the bay and 4,000 new homes being built on this road with more to come, duh!

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