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Editor's Notebook: Do you know a person or group who deserves recognition and isn't getting it?


One of the great things about being "the media" is giving shout-outs to people who deserve them but don't get enough credit for what they do.

In the past few weeks, we've pointed our spotlight at Project HEART, SkillsUSA, Manatee County Rural Health Services, The Bradenton Yacht Club's Great Mates, and other people doing good work here in Manatee County.

Do you know anyone doing good things for the community who deserves a little applause? If you do, please email news@thebradentontimes.com so we can give it to them.

And if you want to write for us, we're still looking for a few  good, community oriented freelancers. Please use the same email address to let us know what (or who) you'd like to write about.

Thanks for reading,

Robin Miller

Editor and Reporter

The Bradenton Times


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