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Editor's Notebook: Warm weather. Finally!


Last week I asked you to send me examples of people or groups that are doing good work in Manatee County without getting as much recognition as they deserve. Some of you (you know who you are) sent some excellent suggestions. We will follow up on every one of them. Thank you.

This is an "all the time" effort, not a one-week wonder. So if you know a group or person doing good things without getting the media attention, email news@thebradentontimes.com, and sooner or later we'll have a reporter talk to them.

Thinking of which, we are still looking for a few freelancers to help us cover community and government events. $20 per story isn't much,  but it's a starting point for both of us -- and we hope to pay more before too many more months have passed. Once again, our news@thebradentontimes.com email address is the best contact mechanism.

Upcoming stories: We have a video introduction to local VISTA volunteers shot and waiting to be edited. This is an amazing group, and not many people know how much they do here in Manatee County. In fact, while researching a story on free classes in both personal and business money handling and budgeting sponsored by the Bradenton Central Community Redevelopment Agency, we found a VISTA volunteer at the heart of the program.

One thing we've already written about is the county's outstanding program to help local businesses expand and to help new businesses start and to make it easy for out-of-town businesses to move here or at least open a branch in Manatee County. When  the county's Neighborhood Services people say, "We're from the government, and wer're here to help you," it's not a joke. They really are here to help you.

And so, another week ends and a new one begins. Happy Easter, and please enjoy the nice, warm weather we are finally getting!

Robin Miller
Editor and Reporter,
The Bradenton Times




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