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Election 2012 Candidate Profile: State Senate District 26: Paula House


Paula House


Office: Florida Senate, District 26


Party Affiliation: Democrat


Age: 62


Residence: Lake Placid


Occupation: Florida attorney and mediator in the town of Lake Placid


Education: University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Communications; University of Maine School of Law J.D.;  University of Southern Maine, education curriculum for state teacher certification and mediation certification; University of South Florida, mediation certification.


Paula House says as a lawyer she has stood up to insiders and special interests and won on behalf of the everyday person, and as State Senator for District 26 she says she will do the same. House says she will bring her know-how, strength and determination to every issue that affects Floridians. 


House is a mother and grandmother, a former public prosecutor and public school teacher, wo says, "every job is a mission". After working as a county and public prosecutor, Paula joined a private practice law firm. "I wanted to be on the side of justice for people, business and the environment," she said.


House started her own law firm and has managed her own business for 20 years. It's the little guy, the underdog, the small business and the land and water that has no voice, she says she wants to represent. House has been actively involved in protecting the rural character and water resources of South Florida, and feels that protecting the Everglades is paramount in protecting those resources. 


House's other major issues of interest are jobs and the economy, preserving public education, Social Security and protecting public investments. She feels no tax dollars should go for insider deals and special interests and says we need an honest, accountable and transparent government that does not waste time and resources on misplaced priorities. 


House wants the people in District 26 to vote their conscience and end "business as usual."





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