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Election 2012 Guest Op/Ed: Why I'm Asking for Your Vote

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I would like to thank The Bradenton Times for providing this opportunity to address our community.

For over three decades we have had the same two men as mayor. Two men who may have had good intentions, but quickly became convinced they knew better and didn’t listen to the citizens. My record shows that listening and respecting you, the citizens, is the most important part of being a leader and that will continue should you elect me mayor.

It is time for our daughters, granddaughters and nieces to see someone who looks like them being the mayor who brings our community together and helps Bradenton achieve its promise.

As your councilwoman, I have seen what has been done, what should have been done better, and what shouldn’t have been done at all. We shouldn’t let what’s good for the “good ‘ole boys” get in the way of what’s best for all of Bradenton’s citizens.

We need to encourage redevelopment of our downtown that will attract more families, not more bars.

We must maintain our neighborhoods and ensure all our visitors and citizens are safe.

We must use our tax money efficiently and wisely and listening to you will be my number one priority.

Serving as your mayor is much more important than checking items off a bucket list and being a celebrity. Serving as your mayor is more important than using the position as a stepping stone to higher office or becoming a member of the “ruling elite”. Serving as your mayor is about accepting the responsibility to be a servant for all of our citizens, not just a chosen few.

I was truly blessed to grow up in Bradenton. I humbly ask for your vote to be able to serve you as your mayor and may God bless our city.


Marianne Barnebey is a Bradenton City Councilwoman running for Mayor of Bradenton on the November 6 ballot.


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