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Election 2012 Race Analysis: Manatee County Commission: District 5 Democratic Primary


BRADENTON -- On the Democratic side of the ticket, James T. Golden is running against Frank Archino for the District 5, Manatee County Commissioner seat, in the August 14 primary election. The winner will challenge the Republican candidate in the November 6 General Election, for the seat that is being vacated by incumbent Donna Hayes.

Golden is a native Floridian and 19 year-resident of Manatee County. He says he wants to bring practical and common sense solutions to the job. A minister and former Bradenton City Council member, Golden is no stranger to local politics. He was once a member of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, served on several local boards, and even ran for Congress. Golden is also a member of the Florida Bar. 

                    Frank Archino

Archino wants to bring a fresh perspective to the county. He said we need to deal with how and where the county places development. Archino says we don't need to develop on protected lands like wetlands and wildlife areas. 

There are some stark differences between the two candidates. Golden brings a long list of political appointments, board positions and titles in his wagon to the campaign challenge. Archino says he is beholden to none of the business-as-usual crowd and will only work for the people of his district, to keep the county prosperous and beautiful. 

Archino said Manatee was among the hardest hit counties in the state of Florida in the recent economic downturn. He said his goal as county commissioner would be to bring a fresh new approach to tracking Manatee's ongoing economic problems. "Repairing, upgrading and rebuilding infrastructure in Manatee county would be a priority, along with creating jobs."

Golden says that he sees more long-term tax credits for businesses hiring the long-time unemployed and adding incentives for employers to retrain them if needed as part of the answer to the economic woes.

Both have a stern commitment to the responsibility they will bring to the position, and neither felt enough was being done to improve the distressed economy. 

Archino takes exception with the amount of foreclosures that have occurred over the last few years. He says he would "work to create a task force to be liaison between the banks and families," and try and keep more families in their homes.

On the list of priorities, Golden says he would broaden the tax base without raising taxes and create public-private partnerships to stimulate the economic growth and development.

                James T. Golden

When asked about moving forward with the Ft. Hamer Bridge, the connecting roads, safety issues and resident concerns, Golden said he was in favor of the bridge. He says, "The bridge is a solution to a problem." Golden said there is traffic coming from south Hillsborough and that commerce will benefit.

Archino says, "One must have all of the facts, and that he believed that development and construction is good for jobs, but that he must consider the concerns of the residents.

Archino believes the power of commitment he developed with a career in the Navy, and the experiences he gained as an engineer there, will bring a unique addition to the talents the county needs to move forward. He said he would work hard to keep Manatee County a beautiful and wonderful place to live.

Golden says he has the most experience in electoral service. He says his public record of being fair-minded is well-documented, and his solutions have stood the test of time.

On August 14, 2012, the residents of District 5 will know which will run against, either Venessa Baugh or John Colon, on November 6, to see who will be their next county commissioner in East Manatee.


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