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The Bradenton Times Podcast

Episode 147: Joe McClash


This week, Mitch and Dawn are joined by TBT publisher and former Manatee County Commissioner Joe McClash to discuss his unsuccessful challenge of the county's change to its wetland polices, as well as the importance of the August primaries for local races.

The county is currently seeking $250,000 in legal fees from McClash. A GoFundMe has been established to allow readers to help support his costs. Click here to contribute.


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  • sandy

    I found it ironic that an inland county, Orange County, increased the wetland buffers for most projects to 100 feet, 2 months after Manatee, a coastal county, removed their buffers. I had 26 years with the county, 23 years doing Floodplain management. I retired in 2022, having had enough of the crazy stuff happening with the BOCC and the major changes including the loss of many long term employees that I had worked or interacted with over the years. We were lied to about transparency, smaller government, fiscal responsibility. I was a Democrat when I moved here, but this year I have changed party affiliation to Republican so I can vote in the primary for the first time in a few election cycles. I wanted a vote that counts to try to bring some sanity back to Manatee County government.

    Wednesday, July 3 Report this