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Federal Boating Requirements on your iPhone

JACKSONVILLE -- In recognition of National Safe Boating Week, Florida By Water  is releasing its newest iPhone application, entitled Vessel Safety Check.  This app uses the Federal Boating Requirements for recreational boaters, as well as other vessel examiner documentation, so that  recreational boaters have the required equipment necessary to be safe on the water.

The app identifies the required equipment for recreational boats based on criteria specific to your vessel, including boat size, inland or coastal waters, inboard or outboard and more. Once the app has compiled a list of specific requirements, you'll also be provided with a list optional safety items, as well as an explanation about the requirements. That list of specific requirements can then be e-mailed or saved for future reference. A few other features worth noting are the marine store locator, recommended items and a vessel examiner locator.

While this app should never take the place of a vessel exam done by a qualified examiner, Rusty Gardner, founder of Florida by Water and a qualified vessel examiner himself, points out that he hopes "it will help the recreational boater know exactly what safety equipment is required by the federal government."  In addition, he says, "hopefully it will help make this a safer boating season for everyone."

State boating requirements may vary. The Vessel Safety Check app is on sale in the iTunes App Store for $.99.


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