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Florida Set to Pass New York to Become No. 3 Largest State in U.S.


BRADENTON – Florida continues to grow in population at a faster rate than most U.S. states, and new information suggests it is gradually moving toward a spot in the top 3 of the country's population heap.

According to Census Bureau data to be released on Monday, the population size of the state is expected to now be very close to that of New York's. Florida is expected to surpass the northern state by 2014 or 2015, trading its rank in population with New York from No. 4 to 3. 

As migrants and retirees continue to flood the Sunshine State, many are coming from places like New York, which has long suffered economically in areas of its upstate region. 

The increase in size could possibly up the amount of federal funding and grants that Florida would receive for infrastructure. When Florida does surpass New York in population, two more U.S. House seats may also be assigned to it.


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