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Fly on the Wall, Edition No. 2


The Fly had a busy week, and some might think he's a Super Fly of some kind, but he's an ordinary mortal who has to do his duty in a sweater because in some government buildings, the energy crisis never happened. Good thing my laptop generates enough heat to keep my legs warm.

Towering mess

On Monday, I went to the School Board's cell tower workshop. I remember when I lived on the east coast of our fair state and parents in Boca Raton would suddenly become very active at meetings over the prospect of power lines, and some parents were upset at the prospect of "radiation towers" on the grounds of schools.

The discussion was interesting, but I'd advise the district staff to watch their spelling and grammar on the slides they put up. One noted the reported "Heath Effects" (sic) of cell towers, and another slide said the problems were "not to severe" (sic). The Fly was a copy editor for a quick metropolitan newspaper in his former life, and such mistakes are like having your wings pulled off ... slowly.

Fun in Palmetto

Yes, the best show in town in Palmetto plays at City Hall, where the City Commission is always fun. But the Fly needs his beauty sleep sometimes, and the meetings have been running long into the night.

At the last City Commission meeting, which offered two CRA meetings for the price of one, the hour was getting late, the remaining commissioners looked beat, and Tambra Varnadore showed no mercy. I know it's late, she said, but I have several things I want to say. Eyes rolled to the ceiling, and some folks headed for the exit.

And if someone would just fix the blinds in the chambers, it would save the Fly's vision. Watching the late afternoon sun set is depressing enough without having to change seats to keep his many eyes from burning up.


Even the Fly goofs on occasion
You might think the Fly is a techno-geek, and you'd be right, though I often need to make a pest of myself to get some help.

I can point out others' flaws and speaking tendencies with the best, but I'm not immune to goofing up.

Like arriving at Thursday's Land Use meeting at the County Commission chambers and taking my laptop out of the bag, and then realizing I forgot my power cord at home. And the battery was dead.

By the way, kudos to the county for the public wireless system. When I remember to bring the power cord, it's a great system for hitting news sites. I can even use it with my iPhone.

So it was back to the recorder and notepad. Good thing I also TiVo'd the meeting at home.

And the meeting was short. In fact, seeing everything that was deferred, it's going to be fun on Oct. 1.


Best line of the week

"Chill. Chill!" - County Commission Chairman Gwendolyn Brown to two commissioners who got into some verbal sparring at the Land Use meeting.

That's all for now.


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