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Fly on the Wall, Edition No. 20


The Fly buzzes around town to see what's up.


Will Bradenton go with the flow?

Wednesday's Bradenton City Council meeting was more than just another fabulously exciting meeting, it was a lesson on the wonders of water, taught by professor Claude Tankersley.


Yes, folks, he did drink from the reclaimed water jug, and even offered the Fly a swig, but the Fly wasn't thirsty. The case for reclaimed water sounds airtight, and Tankersley noted that people drank water before the era of water reclamation without too many ill effects.


The Fly remembers the battles, though, in Boca Raton when it was proposed to use reclaimed water for irrigation, and some folks claimed the end of the world and the American Dream was nigh. Maybe Tankersley should have settled for a nice cell tower somewhere.


Food, glorious food

At the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, one of the big topics was the food service in the courthouse. The "cafeteria" apparently is hardly a gastronome's delight, and the patrons are not too thrilled at the selections in the vending machines.


As a veteran of "the wheel of death" at a newspaper when the Fly was on the east coast, the selection is usually limited and sometimes hazardous. The need to cross Manatee Avenue West to access most food offerings puts people in double jeopardy.


And, worst of all, the coffee machine isn't exactly Starbucks. It definitely makes the Fly hope he doesn't get jury duty, that's for sure.


Medium, or well done?

The county administration building parking garage doesn't seem to be the best place to hide from the recent cold. Still, someone left a small grill near spot 39. Wonder if someone's been creating a little home up there.


The wind really winds around that place, but you've got to be careful walking in there because pedestrians may think something's not coming, but it is.


Then again, if you're hungry from jury duty, judging or lawyering, there's always the Parking Space 39 Grill, but remember to feed the meter before you feed yourself.


Good idea, but ...

Bradenton Deputy Police Chief William Tokajer was at the meeting Wednesday, but had little to say.


His suggestion on the right turn on red issue that they put up a sign saying there should be no right turns on red when there are pedestrians in the intersection got less attention than it deserved, the Fly thought.


Still, he has to know that most drivers see that as open season on walkers. In fact, the Fly knows that many folks simply blow through the red light to turn right, even at intersections where the turn is prohibited on red. Like 60th Avenue East and U.S. 301 in Ellenton, or Old Tampa Road and U.S. 301.


And if you're on foot, better keep your eyes peeled or you'll end up as a hood ornament.


Can't we all just get along?

Attending County Commissioner Carol Whitmore's "Animal Summit" meeting was fun, but the Fly began to wonder about what a few people anonymously said was bad blood in the animal rescue community.


For example, there are two "Underdog Rescues" because one faction got upset with the other and formed its own group.


It reminds the Fly of that famous commercial about herding cats.


That's all until next time.


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