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FPL's ESCO set to Redesign County Building Energy Plan


BRADENTON -- Florida Power and Light's Energy Service Company (ESCO), is in its second phase to reduce the cost of cooling and operating temperature control in some of Manatee County's buildings, along with other downtown facilities that choose to get on board.

Many county buildings are facing costly expenditures to replace their aging air conditioning equipment. Expensive repairs and operational costs run into the millions annually. At Tuesday's Board of County Commissioner workshop, FPL gave a presentation with a solution they guarantee will save the county money.

According to ESCO's assessments, the county will save over $9.65 million in a 20 year period. The cost of the program is said to be $13,018,67. The county now faces over $3.1 million in soon-to-be replacement/repair expenses needed to keep their aging equipment, for the targeted buildings that are included in ESCO's assessment.

clientuploads/John Rehill's Articles/CoolPlantRender.jpg
        Central Chiller Plant to be located downtown

A "central chiller plant" will distribute chilled water to selected buildings through underground piping, unlike the independent units that had been the norm for decades. This will not only reduce the electrical load on the building and free up power that can be used elsewhere, but usable space as well.

If the county partners-up with FPL, the company will build, maintain and monitor the plant, including a finance program. If the proposed savings don't transpire, FPL picks-up the cost. 

It is possible even more savings for the county can be obtained if additional buildings get on board. The central chiller plant can handle additional buildings, which could generate up to $5.5 million in reduced cost for the county.

In addition to the stated savings, the project would:

- Improve environmental impact versus multiple, lower efficiency equipment A/C units in downtown county buildings are at or near end of useful life.

- Replace existing refrigerants (the ones currently used are being phased out).

- Reduce operations to one plant to maintain and operate verses five existing plants.

Recently the county has entered into a similar Guaranteed Energy and Water Savings Program at the MCSO jail facility. 

Click to view a PDF describing the complete program being offered to the county.


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