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From the Comment Section

Each week, TBT spotlights some of the more insightful reader comments that have been posted on our recent articles. Anonymous comments or those that violate our civility guidelines are not considered.

Manatee School District Selects New Superintendent

At most school board meetings, a member indicates that the Sunshine Law is an impediment to their discussion opportunities. The discussion of the school board candidates on Tuesday is an example of why the sunshine law is so important. Watching in the open discussion among the school board members was enlightening in how they think and how they process these kinds of decisions. The action taken is a perfect example of the merits of government decisions being made in the public eye . I m glad we have the sunshine law in the state of Florida.

Elaine Graham

I hope Mr. Wysong is up to the job. It is a very important job and a great responsibility in these troubling times with the current political party in control openly hostile to supporting ""free public education"" with quality values for ALL of Florida's children. One where each child's heritage, dreams, and hopes are recognized and valued; and the high ideals of this country - equality for all, respect can be earned, and a truly bright future can be made.

Sandra Gander

DeSantis to Send Resources to Texas/Mexico Border

Clearly a stunt for a future presidential candidate. This deployment is idiotic and helps Florida, not one bit but will cost Florida to move these law enforcement people and equipment. This man is out of control and his personal legislature is falling behind him. And yes no clean water efforts, no homeowner insurance fixes, and no housing fixes.

James F Tierney

It seems to me that DeSantis is overstepping his authority. The State of Florida has no business interfering with matters that are clearly within the bounds of the federal government's purview.

David Provost

When One-Party Rules, Special Interests Reign

A one-party system isn't a democracy, it's not a democratic republic either. This somewhat new idea that politics is a war zone with partisan soldiers whose mission is to completely eradicate the other is the antithesis of democracy. It doesn't matter which party succeeds in total control, Democrats or Republicans, the result will be the same. When politics is ruled by special interest and the priority becomes partisan war games instead of public good, the public always will be a casualty of their war. I would suggest we as a nation do something about citizens united, but given that both parties slop from the same trough, that's never going to happen. Voters need to wake up and realize partisan war games don't benefit the average voter.

Richard Mole

Mitch, You are totally correct. Living in Washington state, Oregon, and Florida, it doesn t matter which party, once you have total control chaos follows. Seems to take a long time for common sense to get back in the public arena.

Doug Kristensen

You seem to conveniently forget that the voters elected these representatives and they voted the will of their constituency.

John Chambliss

Because so many of these laws coming out of Tallahassee are against the US Constitution, taxpayers are being forced to defend them in Court. Favoring some unions over others, dictating what private companies can do, retaliating against them for exercising free speech - these laws are bound to be challenged. The Stop Woke act as applied to private companies was struck down as ""dystopian"" by a federal judge. Public records show that Desantis is paying $425-$675 hour in legal fees. As of December, 2022 $7 million had been spent in legal fees. Near the very end of this year's session, the legislature slipped $16 million into the budget for legal expenses. Desantis alone was given $6 million - up from $1.6 million last year. We pay for the tax breaks and loss of local control - then we pay again to defend Desantis in court.

David Daniels

You forgot the most egregious decision of the legislature to pass a ban on the fertilizer ban during the summer. Red tide and dead fish will be our summer. Also, if that isn't enough to turn your stomach, Mosaic has found a use for its toxic phosphogypsum. The legislature voted to use it to pave roads. That's one way to kill off the citizens of this county. The U.S. EPA has banned this. The gov. has yet to sign these two bills; wonder what he will do? Of course, his decision will be based on how it would benefit him.

Barbara Angelucci


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