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Glow Growth and Development

1720 Manatee Ave W
Westgate, FL 34205
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I’ve been in the personal and business development game for over 25 years – yeah, started young! When you’re building your own business, you have to be resourceful, tapping into the right opportunities. Your network being one? Your network can be a superpower. Check out the resources below in the Kick Starter Package, and scope out my testimonies (link above) from people who have worked with me. Let’s connect soon! And hey, remember, in this world, your connections can make all the difference.

Titus Jordan epitomizes the role of a harmonizing leader, showcasing a myriad of qualities that facilitate effective navigation of diverse social and professional landscapes. With a keen ability to blend contrasting viewpoints and ensure inclusivity, Titus stands out as a natural leader within team dynamics. He adeptly diffuses tensions by offering both praise and constructive criticism, fostering an environment where every team member feels valued for their contributions.

In his leadership approach, Titus takes charge when necessary, striking a delicate balance between acknowledging emotions and prioritizing logical thinking. His commitment to serving the team is unwavering, and he actively seeks to build and maintain positive relationships. While he values peace and harmony, Titus isn't hesitant to assert himself when the situation demands it, demonstrating a blend of assertiveness and approachability.

Titus's decision-making process is marked by a thoughtful pause to consider various options, coupled with a supportive approach to helping friends navigate challenges. Instant decisions and rigid agendas without room for input run counter to his collaborative ethos.

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of Titus's personal

Hours of operation:

  • Monday: 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
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  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM
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