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Golf Cart Riders Get Yellow Light


BRADENTON — At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, north county golf cart drivers returned to the commission chambers to get some answers, but what they got was a road block, as to when and where they can start their motors.

It has been five years that north county golf cart riders have been petitioning the county commission to allow them a right to travel around to local businesses in their alternative choice of vehicle. The vehicles are very popular in the area's planned communities and RV parks, but are not always authorized for use beyond, even short trips to the corner store.

This time around, the county seemed almost prepared to give them some answers, but the one they got wasn't, "drivers start your carts."

Most of the those petitioning to get approval for carts to be allowed live along S.R. 301, which is the problem. State roadways strictly enforce a state statue that prevents motorized vehicles on sidewalks.

To be on the highway, the vehicle has to be licensed by the state, and to most cart riders, the highway is far too dangerous, so the county now says they will request permission from Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to ride the sidewalk along S.R. 301, which is state property.

This problem is one that has existed since the first request to allow carts was presented to the county, but finally the county has voted to make a formal request after a vote by the commission on Resolution R-14-52 Tuesday. The measure was approved by a unanimous vote. 

The answer to the county's request should come in several weeks.


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