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Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editors,
The photo looks like a young red fox with a severe case of sarcoptic mange.  An internet search will show similar pictures. 
Apparently, red foxes in Florida are dying in droves due to this treatable skin condition.  They can die within four months of contracting mange.
In addition, severe mange causes a huge increase in appetite, so the animals begin to scrounge for food in areas they would typically avoid.
Local wildlife advocates need to do some serious citizen education. The chupacabra hysteria feeds the drastic action taken by animal control. 
While this particular pup looks extremely ill, euthanization is not the solution for many.  
Under appropriate supervision, foxes can be trapped, treated and released.  Other less constrictive treatment options are also available.
The Wildlife Center of Venice is a good source of information about this sad, but potentially controllable situation.
These innocent and precious creatures need help, not scorn.  Are we up to it?
Pat Rounds
Sarasota, FL


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