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Letter to the Editor: Balanced Budget Amendment is Only Way to Stop Runaway Spending

The debt and deficit spending that caused it are in the news and  Social Security recipients are being unnecessarily terrified about not getting their checks. Some facts.

The Government now borrows 42 cents of every dollar spent and that amount is growing rapidly. There is no Social Security lock box, no account with cash dedicated to pay benefits. That is a lie Democrats have been telling since Franklin Roosevelt started this Ponzi Scheme. If there was an account President Obama would use money from that account and pay back from it what was paid in. But there is no money.

The Federal Government does take in taxes FICA and fees every month to pay all debt obligations in full and avoid a default and pay for all Military costs and still pay all Social Security on time in full and have money left over. They can even pay for Federal law enforcement and licensing departments as well. After that they will need to defund, or shut down other agencies. So if there is no agreement to raise the debt limit and you do not get your check it is because Obama thinks the EPA, Departments of education, Interior, Energy the consumer protection agency and even studies on venereal diseases in Chinese Prostitutes deserve to be paid instead of Social Security benefits. 

A Constitutional Amendment to cap runaway spending that caused this is what 75% of Americans in numerous polls claim they want. It is the only real way to stop this. But Obama and the many Democrats want no limit on their spending and the size of Government. There can be no compromise on this. And there may be no debt limit increase without it. This is the truth they do not want you to know. This is the debate.

David R. Kraner


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