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Letter to the Editor: Current Leaders Make It Too Hard to Create Jobs at Home

Dear Editor,

After spending over 40 years building a Company here in Manatee County / Creating Jobs for Hundreds of People and Financially Supporting Our Community my Wife and I are seeing more & more of our customers closing their doors or moving out of State.

What is happing to our Company has happened to Tens of Thousands of other Small Companies that did not relocate to Mexico / China or dozens of other countries "Our Political Leaders" have been supporting over the last 20+ years!

Instead of blaming Mexico / China and Others we had to look no further than Washington and our "Own Politicians"!! The Chinese & Mexican governments are doing exactly what they need to do to support & provide jobs for their ever growing  populations !!

It was our "Own Politicians" that passed laws & financially encouraged American Companies to move their factories and jobs to other countries! Millions of American workers have lost their jobs because "Our Politicians" were not "Business Minded" enough to listen when Multi-Billionaire Ross Perot told Vice President Al Gore & President Clinton that if they passed NAFTA "America is going to hear a Giant Sucking Sound"

The only thing most Americans have to offer in the marketplace is their labor?  The simple truth is 25 to 40% of our students drop out of high school before graduating and most Americans never graduate from college, but that does not mean they have to be dependent on someone else in order to live a productive life & support their families!!

These Manufacturing jobs gave millions of American families financial freedom and the United States the ability to provide for those in need!!

Here in Manatee County Thousands of jobs have been lost because our local politicians are not doing enough to keep Well-Craft / Hi Stat and dozens of other companies from moving out of Manatee County!!

In 2012 we need to elect "Business Minded" Individuals that will help bring these jobs back home and give "Our Working Men & Women" the ability to support their families without standing in line for government handouts or asking others to "Share The Wealth"!!

Travis Cundiff
Small Business Owner
Manatee County


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