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Letter to the Editor: In Support of the Fair Tax


The FairTax is an idea whose time has come. The Congress, both House and Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, have demonstrated time after time, that they are unable to restrain themselves with the public purse. This renders them “unfit to govern.” Even the “fiscal crises” legislation passed by the current congress had enough pork in it to add $74 billion more to the deficit. 

The spend thrift, power hungry, self serving Congress must be denied the tool of its folly: the income tax. A solution has been languishing before congress for over 10 years. It’s called the FairTax.

If adopted, the FairTax would replace the income tax, repeal the 16th amendment which enabled it, and annihilate the IRS. In the first year following its adoption, America would experience an unprecedented period of econometric growth and thousands and thousands of new, good jobs would be created.

The process leading to adoption of the FairTax must begin in the House Ways and Means committee. Your Congressman, Mr. Vern Buchanan, is a member of that committee. Contact him and insist the FairTax proposal be brought before the committee for discussion and vote. If enough of his constituents demand it, he will do it.

Glen E. Terrell
Arlington, TX


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