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Letter to the Editor: Let's Really Make it About Children


With the way Manatee Schools operate, we should call it Manatee Government schools instead of public schools. Let me explain. When the Federal or State governments give incorrect financial reporting they might go back and change it, but not Manatee Government School District. Their first line of defense would be that it's a computer error, and if that didn’t work, there would be dead silence and still no corrections. Just ask the Florida State Auditor General.

When government employees don’t perform their job correctly, they are usually moved to another department with a higher salary. The same thing happens here in Manatee Government school district with an extra twist. After reading the Forensic Investigation report, we now know there are a number of employees at least in the administration who are totally incompetent to perform their jobs. The correct word should be criminal because these administrators help foster a culture of deception and immoral behavior that cost our children the best education one could have. People who are incompetent don’t have the intelligence to come up with a cover-up plan like this district has fabricated and still continues to do.

No wonder our children’s scores are below most of the other school districts. It’s because the money wasn’t going to educate our students; it was going to keep unproductive employees silent. We are back behind the 8 ball again and it doesn’t look like much will be accomplished due to the fact that the same people are in the same positions.

We only have two more chances to get this right before the next election. The first step is to contract with a new superintendent who will be able to clean house. The other chance is hopefully the State Auditors will be able to finish where the Forensic Investigation left off. 

We keep hearing the old tired phrase “It’s for the children.” Well, let’s correct our finances, put the right people in positions who can do the job, and start really educating our children.

Peggy Martin

Manatee County
Taxpayers Watch Committee


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