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Letter to the Editor: Stacked Deck at Tiger Bay for Long Bar Pointe Debate


To the Citizens of Manatee County:

The Tiger Bay Club of Manatee Bay is an august group of people that gather to learn more about local issues. It includes the movers and shakers of the community as well as people that are interested in the topics proposed.

Below is the blurb from their website:

Manatee Tiger Bay Club, Inc. is a non-partisan organization formed to present exciting, stimulating and thought provoking programs. Topics range from, but not limited to political, social, local, state or national issues.

So we think of nonpartisan, as in not having an opinion, right? Not aligned with a political group, nor having an agenda.

The September 5th meeting scheduled is about Long Bar Pointe. There are three presenters: Carlos Beruff, John Henslick, and Jane Von Hahmann. Now, let’s look at the dynamics of our speakers.  

Carlos Beruff, we know, is deeply entrenched politically with all but one of our county commissioners, Rick Scott and many members of the Tea Party/Republicans.  Jane Von Hahmann is a past county commissioner who has gotten very involved due to the Long Bar Pointe Amendments changes requested by Carlos Beruff and Larry Liebermann on August 6th. John Henslick is employed by Carlos Beruff.  He is one of their Eco-consultants in charge of mitigation and “improving” the site. When asked if there could be another eco-consultant to support the opposition view, Misty Servia, a tiger Bay Board member, employed by King Engineering, and spoke in favor of the development, responded that it was not necessary.

“Stacked Deck”

To arrange things against someone or something. (Originally from card playing; stacking the deck is to cheat by arranging the cards to be dealt out to one's advantage.)

Now when we look at the set-up for this open forum, I know the definition above applies, not blurb that is copied from Tiger Bay Club’s website. Obviously, Long Bar Pointe and its principal players are stacking the deck. Here’s what you can do: 

Sign up to attend this meeting. www.manateetigerbay.org

Contact your county commissioners about your concerns.

Read the Comprehensive Plan of our county.

Be vigilant. Our future environmental health is at stake.

Holly Clouse



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