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Letter to the Editor: Support Bill That Would Ban Late-term Abortion


Dear Editor,

Florida Legislative pro-life Bill, HB-551, was filed by Charles Van Zant, Florida House of Representatives, District 19, on January 9, 2014.

This bill is designed to ban “late-term” abortions defined as after 20-weeks gestation.

This bill, if passed and signed into law, would make it illegal to perform abortions in the State of Florida after the 20-week gestation period.

This law has already been enacted in many of our states based on information gained during development of fetal anesthesia routinely given during utero surgery.

It is accepted that if the unborn can feel pain during surgery, the unborn during abortion suffers equal pain before their deaths. This new knowledge is an urgent reason to severely restrict abortion after 20-weeks gestation.

Filing a legislative bill is only the first important step: Whether this bill is signed into law depends on we the people. Every Floridian must convince their Florida legislator that unborn children being aborted at this stage of gestation suffer excruciating pain.

To  select  your  State  Legislator  go to:

Mabel Ryan
Life Education Ministry, Inc.
Ocala, FL


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