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Letter to the Editor: Truck Convoys on Golf Course Road


Dear Editor,

Supposedly, according to the county, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office was stepping up patrols to try to slow down the non-stop barrage of construction/dump trucks that started to use Golf Course Road to get to somewhere in Twin Rivers. These trucks are going in excess of 60 MPH many times and often convoy in multiple trucks.

There is no way that when a truck pulls onto Golf Course Road and a car pulls out of a driveway just past the first entrance to Twin Rivers, that the truck should ever catch up to and then tailgate the car. These trucks are going way too fast and this is not safe, plus they are knocking over and running over garbage cans.

First, how can this sudden construction traffic be allowed to travel like this? There was never a public notice about whatever this is that's going on in Twin Rivers and the county commissioners don't seem willing to address it. Shouldn't there be a permit on file that informs us about what is going on? No one will answer what is happening. Second, how is it okay to let them convoy at 60 MPH in a 40 MPH zone! We are concerned, sickened, and angry in Parrish.

Stephanie Harris
Manatee County
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