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Letter to the Editor: Where is Steward of County Environmental Resources on Long Bar Pointe?


Dear Editor,

Why would Charlie Hunsicker, the man responsible for our county's environment, willingly trade off damaging Long Bar Pointe?

That's exactly what Hunsicker is proposing in a 3/29/13 email to developers Carlos Beruff and Larry Lieberman, in which Hunsicker writes that he "conceptually supports pursuing any opportunities for off-site mitigation..." 

What this means in English is that the acres of mangroves on Long Bar Pointe are doomed to destruction - and that developers know it is inevitable. But Hunsicker approves, writing this "may be very beneficial."

Why didn't Hunsicker invite environmentalists to get their input, instead of making deals behind closed doors?

This behavior by our county's environmental defender is further proof that the county must cease being beholden to the deep pockets of developers. And if you don't believe that Hunsicker would be so foolish to put this deal in writing, call him at 941-737-4775 and ask him why he is willing to give away our precious land to favor politically powerful developers.

What you can you do?


Email your county commissioners (click here if you have integrated email, or copy and paste the following addresses into your email's "to:" line: larry.bustle@mymanatee.org, michael.gallen@mymanatee.org, john.chappie@mymanatee.org, robin.disabatino@mymanatee.org, vanessa.baugh@mymanatee.org, carol.whitmore@mymanatee.org, betsy.benac@mymanatee.org)


Request a meeting with your county commissioner


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