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Local Franchisee Earns Beef 'O' Brady's Top Recongnition


BRADENTON -- Bradenton’s Macri family has been awarded one of the highest possible honors for a Beef O’ Brady’s franchise: the Golden Shamrock Award. Tim Macri, whose family owns three different Manatee County Beef's locations, has proudly accepted this award that is given to owners who lead the best possible example for the franchise.


Sporting the tag line “living the promise,” the Golden Shamrock was given to the Macri family in recognition of their dedication and positive interaction with the brand and the community.

“It was a great honor to be not only nominated, but to win this award,” says Tim Macri, son of Richard and Irene Macri, who also operate Beef O’ Brady’s in Manatee County. “We’ve been in this for so many years, so it was a great feeling. We were surprised to win it because we were up against some really great partners and franchise groups.”

The Macri family owns and operates Beef O’ Brady’s in three separate locations: Lakewood Ranch Blvd. and 64; one in Parrish on Old Tampa and US301; and 53rd Ave. and Lockwood Ridge Blvd.

Macri says that what sets their family franchise apart from other Beef’s franchises is the level of community involvement.

“We live in the community that our franchises are in. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years now. We dedicate as much time as we can to not only our business but the community around us.”

For Macri, being a franchisee for Beef O’ Brady's requires strong values of hard work, honesty, and patience.

“Patience is a key value because there are always trying times that you have to persevere through.”

The Golden Shamrock Award is given out annually to outstanding franchise owners that represent the quality and attitude valued by Beef O’ Brady’s. For the Macri family, “living the promise” is all in a day’s work.


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