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Local Government BOCC Land Use Agenda Results - 5/03/2012


BRADENTON -- At the BOCC land use meeting Thursday, there were four issues pushed back on continuances. The location of backyard structures dominated the day. Experimenting with an ordinance modification reminded us as to why many rules are made, but that didn't stop commissioners from moving the set-backs to a more snug, close-fitting position.

1. Pastor Daniel Witte, Risen Savior Lutheran Church


2. Updates to Agenda - 

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

3. Clerks Consent Agenda Attachment: 

APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous

B. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (presentation upon request)

Building and Development Services

4. PDMU-11-13(G) - Medallion Home at Ft. Hamer, LLC - Wayne Underhill - Crosscreek -- Continued to June 7 -- Approved, Unanimous

5. PDMU-99-02(P)(R5) - River Club Park of Commerce, Phases 2 & 5 -- Continued to June 7 -- Approved, Unanimous

6. PDMU-11-12(G) - HC Properties, LLC - Shops at Harrison Ranch -- Commissioner McClash asked the "Commission Chair" if they could look into getting a heads-up on the request before the agenda gets out, so they don't go through this difficulty at the last minute. Request to continue to May 8 -- Approved, 6 - 0, Hayes absent. 

7. PDMU-10-16(P)(R) - Provident National Property Group - Woodbrook Mixed Use Community - Providence National Property group is giving up their commercial zoning in exchange for mixed use. When asked why the change, the applicant said, "It reminds me of the guy who went to no end to get his dog the absolute best and most expensive dog food; trouble was, the dog didn't like it." He added, "People are afraid to be set back so far from University Parkway, they need to be closer to the highway." -- Approved, Unanimous  

8. Ordinance 12-11 - LDC Text Amendment - General Development Plan Expiration -- McClash requested a list of all the properties for future reference. -- Approved, Unanimous

9. PDMU-05-19(G)(R5) - Northwest Sector GDP - A request for a Revision of Stipulation for the location of structures within property set-back. Structure should not exceed 200 sq. ft. the rear yard set-back shall be five feet, and the waterfront setback shall be 18 ft. for all parcels located east of Pope Road. -- Approved, 4 to 3, DiSabatino, Hayes and McClash dissent.  (FULL STORY)  

C. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (presentation scheduled) Building and Development Services

10. PDR-11-09(Z)(P) - Rye Road LLC - Rye Road Subdivision - Applicant has declined the staff recommendation and request to provide for preservation of upland habitat. The proposed plan is not consistent with this policy. Request to continue to June 7 -- Approved, Unanimous



Building and Development Services

11. Historic Preservation Board Appointment Attachment: -- Reappoint all seven members -- Approved, 6 - 0, Hayes absent.



-- DiSabatino -- "Last month realtors set up a new website. Sales are down, prices are up, for sales decreased and pending sales are up. Unemployment is down .10 percent. Mr. Wheeler's suggestion to get a sound meter device might give relief to code enforcement." 

 As to the agenda number nine subject, DiSabatino said, "Down the road you will have issues of privacy. We needed to do more research. This should have been a workshop issue. Mistakes were made years ago with 'no setbacks' for trailers and manufactured homes, now we have to live with them one on top of the other."

Whitmore responded saying, "I have never heard of a complaint about noise from someone living in a mobil home." She said, "They like being close to one another. Most of them are old, not in their twenties."


DiSabatino answered, saying, "There are many parks in my district. Economics play a large role to why people live there. Now we set precedence. I see it, I hear it and was trying to avoid it." 


-- Gallen -- (Referring to the agenda number nine issue) He said, "I know you can buy a set in Home Depot and put it there now. That's where I stand on the issue."

-- Whitmore -- "No one ever says it, I just want to say that the clerk people here, you do a great job. Also, 57,000 rode the Anna Maria trolly in one month."


-- McClash -- "I hear there is maybe a quick fix for the Warners Bayou 59th. Street boat ramp. Could be as low as $15,000 to set it back a few feet, so it won't rub the trailers." He suggested IMG put the commission on the registry, as they said they would. He added the verbiage to the swearing in at the meetings so it would be put in a protocol form. 

-- Bustle -- No Comments

-- Chappie -- Is happy with the school recycling program and that there is an environmental proclamation that will be presented by the commission. He apologized to DiSabatino for cutting her off when talking, earlier in the meeting. 


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