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Local Government Council of Governments Meeting Agenda Summary, 1/3/2011


When you put the six local Manatee County governments and the school board together, things don't always go so smoothly. In this new year's first meeting for the Council of Governments, the newly appointed Manatee County Commissioner Chairman, John Chappie presided. The light agenda could be best described as harmonious and productive. 

  • Manatee County Commissioner Michael Gallen introduced a plan to make unused school parks and fields available to the public, saying it should be a "joint issue". The plan was well received and the boards unanimously supported moving forward with ideas to make make it happen (full story tomorrow).
  • Amy Anderson then reviewed Manatee's Interlocal Agreement for Data Sharing and School Concurrency. Anderson said Homes Beach and Anna Maria Island were removed from the exemption/waiver of H B 7207, covered the School Concurrency Analysis , Level of Services and School Service Areas. She said there were no plans to change.
  • Nicholas Azzara, from Manatee's Information Outreach, reminded governments that the 2012 Florida legislative session will begin two months early, just two weeks from Tuesday, and that they would be drawling new legislative districts. Azzara said the Senate districts would keep most of Manatee County together and to expect early action on the maps in legislation. He also said we could look for more accurate budget predictions.Azzara told the council that the Governor would be increasing the education budget by $1 billion, would be closing some prisons and warned to expect pension reform. He added that state jobs, tax breaks, resort casinos and internet cafes were all subjects on the state's agenda.
  •  Last on the agenda were participant's comments and issues. Commissioner Carol Whitmore mentioned aside from the more than $1 million in mullet rue sold this season, there was a problem with the unwanted male mullet being thrown overboard and left to wash ashore or just rot in the water. She asked for all members to search for a remedy so something could be done. Suggestions were many, but few practical.
  • Anna Maria Commissioner SueLynn brought up the heavy rental traffic of the island. She said the year was busy and they would need some help with managing enough rooms for the island. SueLynn said that one third of the homes on the island were rentals. Commissioner Joe McClash said it was the right kind of problem to have and that they have all done a good job. Homes Beach City Commissioner David Zaccagnino noted that the subject of how to handle it was the foremost subject on the next joint beach meeting's agenda. 


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