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Local Government Manatee BOCC Agenda Results: 3/27/2012


A. AWARDS/PRESENTATIONS/PROCLAMATIONS Proclamations  -- 1 - 5, -- Approved, Unanimous

5. ORT America Appreciation Day -- ORT's National President, Shelly Fagel and Associate Director of the Gulf Coast Region, Andrew Polin were presented the award from Commissioner DiSabatino, thanking them for their loyal dedication and for the opportunities that ORT has made for so many.  

6. Donate Life Month -- Greg Lewis, received the award and is also a recipient of a donated organ. He said, "donated organs know no registration - which party, no worship, color of the skin, so put donate on your license and be a hero. Make someone who has passed away a hero. Go to donatelifeflorida.org."


7. Fire Fighter Appreciation Month - Bret Prichard said, five fire fighter organizations raised $4,000 in three days for muscular dystrophy.  


8. National Association of Counties Healthy Counties/Healthy Families Month -- Manatee County Director of Community Services, Brenda Rogers, presented her team of champions who worked hard to promote healthy living and good choices, with a proclamation celebrating the completion of their "One Day Walk to the Moon" program. They partnered up with organizations like Culture of Health, and Health Care Alliance covering a span of over eight counties. Go to: healthycounties.com.

9. Water Conservation Month -- Bruce MacLeod, superintendent of Manatee water treatment, reminded everyone to recognize the need for clean water and that it is essential for all creatures.


10. Clerks Consent Agenda


11. Monthly Dashboard report


12. Auto Liability Claim of Lillian Meierjergan

Building and Development Services

13. Service Fee Waiver for Development Review Accounts Attachment: Lennar Homes, LLC Stale Dated Check & letter.pdf

Convention and Visitors Bureau

14. Office Space Lease Agreement with Florida Gulf Coast Community Dev. Corp. (Sports Commission) at GT Bray Park * RME

Financial Management

15. Budget Amendment Resolutions

16. Retainage for Construction Contracts Attachment: R93-097.pdf

Natural Resources

17. Tampa Bay Estuary Program Funding Agreement

Neighborhood Services

18. Authorization for Termination of Land Use Restriction Agreement and Deed Restrictions

19. Economic Development Incentive Grant - Project BENCH

20. Economic Development Incentive Grant - Project KOALA

21. Qualified Target Industry Business - Project QUARTZ Attachment: ProjectQuartzResolution R-12-069.pdf

22. Amendment of FY2011/2012 CDBG Grant and Action Plan

Property Management

23. 44th Avenue East Project Temporary Construction Easements from NHC-FL119 LLC Attachment: tce727b.pdf

24. Eaton Aerospace LLC Permanent Easement for Master Meter Improvements

25. Emmanuel Makris property purchase at 15th Street East @ 51 Avenue East Road Project

26. The Moorings At Edgewater Condominium Association, Inc. POMD Agreement/ Utility Turnover

27. New Spectrum, Inc. Property Purchase for the 15th Street East @ 51st Avenue East Road Project

28. Silk Oak Condominium Association, Inc. Permanent Easement for Silk Oak Master Meter Improvements Project

29. Ware's Creek Storm Water Improvement Project - Phase IIa Certificate of Lands

30. Woodson Properties LLC Permanent Easement for Silk Oak Master Meter Improvements

Public Safety

31. Removal of Uncollectible EMS Accounts for Accounts Receivable


32. Approve Consent Agenda -- Approved, Unamious


33. Citizen Comments


34. Appointment of Geoffrey Denny to the Environmental Lands Management & Aquisition Advisory Committee -- Approved, Unanimous


Consent Agenda

35. CRA Minutes for Approval -- Approved, Unanimous

Regular Agenda

36. Pride Park Community Center Scope of Service. -- Commission voted to continue with the RFP and decide the feasibility by making the $1 million that is put aside for purchasing the property adjacent to the Civic Center. Offers that find a way without the use of the million will get priority when choosing the deal. -- Approved, Unanimous 

37. Manatee County Pain Management Clinic Registration Ordinance No. 12-14; The Pill Mill police get most of what they need to get things under a better light, plus some hope. (Full Story)


38. Proposed Contract for New County Attorney -- Micky Palmer, the new county attorney, is taking over Ted Williams's place May 1, with great pride. "The short time I have spent here this morning reminds me of how much I miss county government." -- Approved, Unanimous

Natural Resources

39. Longboat Pass Inlet Management Study -- Executive Director Richard Spadoni for Coastal Planning and Engineering Inc. covered the optional plans, covered the distributions of dredged sands and the placement of groins that would be placed at each shore line. He showed the predicted coastal outlines and the beach extensions that their model predicted. All looked good to Manatee Commissioners and Longboat Key representatives; Dave Bullock, Town Manager and Dave Brenner Vice Mayor. They shared their long list of experiences and answered some questions. Coastal Planning Senior Coastal Director Thomas Pierro displayed each model and explained how they came to their conclusions. At this point, it's a go. -- Approved, 6 to 1, Commissioner McClash dissenting. McClash argued as he did in the previous workshop that not enough public input was taken, especially from boaters who frequent the pass. McClash made a motion to insert a 4'x8' sign in the waterway informing boaters that a vote was taken and that dredging would commence. It was seconded by Commissioner Michael Gallen after ardent oppostition from Commissioner Whitmore, but was voted down 4-2; Chappie, Whitmore, DiSabatino and Bustle dissenting; Hayes absent.  


40. Commissioner Comments



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