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Local Government Manatee BOCC Land Use Agenda Results: 4/5/2012


BRADENTON -- Manatee BOCC Land Use Meeting 4/5/2012

2.- Updates to Agenda: Discussion on #4 and #8.

3.- Clerks Consent Agenda: -- Approved, Unanimous

4.- Ordinance 12-11 LDC Text Amendment - General Development Code (GDC): 

Request to no longer require an expiration date on GDC applications for all applications submitted 1/2012. Caleb Grimes asked the commission to consider applying the rule to those submitted prior to 1/2012, that are in good standing. "Otherwise the applicant will have to come back many times for a lot of unnecessary work." Grimes said. Commissioner McClash agreed saying, "Not today, but make a list and we'll revisit it later." Manatee County Attorney Sarha Schenk said, "I have concerns over the language," adding, "it would be wise to make sure all is in order before passing the ordinance." 

Building and Development Services Director, John Barnoff said, "There is a provision allowing us to bring back a resolution later." Vote was on ordinance as presented with a agreement to bring it before the board at the next land use meeting on May 3. --  Approved, Unanimous     

5.- PA-12-03/Ordinance 12-06 Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment Attachment:

Newspaper Advertising Official name for the Port of Manatee. -- What was known as the "North County Gateway" has officially been changed to the "Florida International Gateway." 

Suggested back in November by Commissioner Joe McClash, accepted by the rest of the BOCC and the term was recently used by Port of Manatee Director, Carlos Buqueras. The term will appeal to the global customers doing and soon to be doing business with the Port. -- Approved, Unanimous  

6.- PDMU-11-12(G)-HC Properties, LLC/Shops at Harrison Ranch:

Continued to May 3. -- Approved, Unanimous. 

7.- PDR-04-11(P)(R2)-Greyhawk Landings West: The Aurora Foundation (the Applicant) filed an application for an amended Zoning Ordinance revising the setback for structures in their planning development project. The discussion was over the distance equipment could be placed between houses. The applicant wanted to modify the 10 ft. requirement distance from adjoining houses, to be reduced to 7 and 1/2 ft. Commissioner DiSabatino suggested this could create consequences for a number of issues. A few of those being mowing, noise and setting a precedent.  


Commissioner McClash provided a map with verbiage describing how it might work and staff chose to include them in the application, but DiSabatino said her career in real-estate led her to believe it wasn't enough. She said, "People love to sit out on the lanai, and being that close, one would have to walk into their neighbor's yard to get to the back of their house." She added, " That is just too close. I know it means a little more money for the developer, but people won't be happy with it, trust me." 


A few of the commissioners chose some uncomfortable words to address DiSabatino's concerns: Whitmore: "This is the big boy's club, you'll have to get over it.", Bustle, "We're not selling the houses for the developer." and Hayes said, "It is not our place. It's the market's place to handle that." DiSabatino took the high road and sat back and voted her conscience. The variance was granted. -- Approved, 6 to1, DiSabatino dissent. 


8.- MPI-12-01(Z)(IMP)-IMG Academies, LLLP/IMG Academies-Rapid Response -- IMG went before the BOCC for it's final step to become Manatee County's first of a brand new designation: Institutional Zoning District. This will allow IMG to continue with their current Master Plan without having to go before many different boards for approval on future projects. All projects are limited to a list previously submitted to the BOCC. IMG will be held to the current standards, codes and regulations. This allows IMG to expedite the many projects in their Master Plan. -- Approved, Unanimous  ( FULL STORY)

9.- 25th Street East, Parrish Community -- After the recent series of Land Use meetings concerning the unsuccessful attempt to permit the Shunn-Shion Chung project to put 12 homes on an 11.9 acre property, Planning and Building and Development Services asked residents if they wanted to discuss the possibility of reducing the residential density of the area, as a plan amendment. The area has such a unique variety of properties, staff recommended taking it to a series of workshops, where stakeholders would be involved to determine how to handle these unique situations in the future. The goal is to prevent taking the public and the applicant through much of the conflict that occurred in the 25th Street meetings. Motion to develop a method that deals with "Community Character" and ways to preserve it to a workshop. --  Approved, 6-0, Whitmore absent.

10.- Commissioner Comments --

 -- Commissioner Joe McClash said "I feel proud, at yesterday's meeting. Gary Swoope, president & CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc. said, 'Manatee County gets it! 66 counties in Florida can take a lesson from Manatee,' now that's great." 

Enterprise Florida, Inc. is the states leading economic development organization. McClash put forth a motion to send Swoope a letter of appreation. -- Approved, 6-0 Whitmore absent.

--  Commissioner Robin DiSabatino said she was duped with calls asking, "Why weren't the people notified there was being a bridge being built and a stadium." She said, others mentioned there were parking meters in Lakewood Ranch, and then realized it was a April Fools joke.

On a more serious note, DiSabatino mentioned that Bradenton's Post office was closing and 209 jobs would be lost. She said "our mail will go through Tampa and Ft. Meyers, taking longer and costing more than it costs now." She put forth a motion for all commissioners and other officials to contact Senators and tell them NO! -- Approved, 6-0, Whitmore absent. 

-- Commissioner Donna Hayes said, the Marauders had five sellout games already. She said, "We don't know how lucky we are." She then wished everyone a Happy Easter.

-- Commissioner Michael Gallen said, "Saturday, April 7, 2012, in Palmetto, "Stop the Violence March" starts at 17th Street West/2nd Ave. West, at 2 to 4 p.m." Gallen also mentioned how much he loved the "Turtle Watch." 


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