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Local Government Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 11/13/2012


BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, members approved signing 3,000 Manatee Health Network contracts over to Manatee Glens. In other business, Commissioners discussed the opposition surfacing to Florida Power and Light's installment of smart meters, and all in the commission said goodbye to Commissioners Donna Hayes and Joe McClash. Tuesday was the last day they would be seated, before being replaced by incoming members Vanessa Baugh and Betsy Benac.

1. Invocation led by Pastor Bob Sichta, Congregational United Church of Christ


CHANGES TO AGENDA (County Administrator and County Attorney)

2. Updates to Agenda


Awards and Presentations

3. November Employee of the Month - Cody Bentley

Attachment: Bentley_Cody_EOM.pdf

4. 2012 Florida Master Naturalist Program Uplands Module - Presentation of Certificates of Completion

Attachment: Florida Master Naturalist 2012 Award Ceremony.pdf

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations) -- Approved, Unanimous


5. Reverend Don Roberts Day - November 30, 2012

Attachment: proc_roberts.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda) -- Consent Agenda Items # 8,  #11 and  #25 pulled for discussion and vote


CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

6. Clerks Consent Agenda

Attachment: 20121113.pdf


7. Designation of December 31, 2012 as an official County holiday


8. 2012 County Held Tax Certificates

Attachment: Ltr_KBurton.pdf

Attachment: TC_Printout_TaxCert.pdf

Attachment: NtctoProceed.pdf

Attachment: Form DR-512.pdf

Attachment: Rule 12D-13.060.pdf

Attachment: FS 197.502.pdf  Commissioner Joe McClash wanted to know the circumstances, location and description of the property. He suggested more information be provided. -- Approved, Unanimous 

9. Balfour Beatty In re: Manatee County Judicial Center RLS 12-201; CAO File No. 8000-044

Attachment: Remediation and Access Agmt w Ex 1-5.pdf

10. Ware’s Creek Storm Water Improvement Project – Staging Area, Phase IIa - Temporary Work Area Easement to U.S. Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

Attachment: AerialMap_SubjectProperty.pdf

Attachment: USACOE_R-12-250_TempWorkAreaEasement_StagingAreaPhaseIIa.pdf

Attachment: USACOE_Easement_WorkArea_CorpsEngineers_Exp2014_0131.pdf

11. Release of Right of First Refusal, Amendment to Conservation Easement; Cypress Creek/Bennett Park

Attachment: Bennett Park Amendment.pdf

Attachment: Bennett Park Release.pdf -- A pending real estate transaction required a right of first refusal be settled to an adjacent conservation easement. -- Approved, Unanimous     


12. Resolution R-12-249, relative to the posting of surety bonds by County Officers.

Attachment: DOC000.pdf

Building and Development Services

13. Daniel R. Barber CE2007060441, Daniel R and Mary C. Barber CE2007060444 and Suntrust Mortgage Inc. CE2009120288

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 11-13-12 Barber.pdf

14. Whitney Brink and Tara Rodman (fka Marc H. Rodman), Case No. CE2006080664

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 11-13-12 Rodman.pdf

15. FINAL PLAT - Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Subphase QQ, Unit 1, Phase 2C, aka Belleisle

Attachment: Belleisle, Phase 2C.pdf

Attachment: 2012 Tax Receipts-Final Plat CCE@LWR, Subph QQ, Unit 1, Ph 2C, aka Belleisle.pdf

16. FINAL PLAT - Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch Subphase RR aka Haddington

Attachment: Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws for Haddington.pdf

Attachment: Application_Haddington.pdf

Attachment: Tax Receipt.pdf

Community Services

17. Manatee County Health Department FY2012-2013 State-County Contract

Attachment: FY2013 State-County Contract.pdf

18. FY 2012-2013 Non-Profit Agency Funding Agreements

Attachment: Sample Agreement.pdf

19. Driver's Education Safety Trust Fund

Attachment: Master School Board Contract2013.pdf

Attachment: Drivers Education Budget Amendment 2013.pdf

20. FY2013 Children's Services Nonprofit Agency Agreements

Attachment: Sample Agreement.pdf

21. FY2012-2013 Agreement for Drug Court Services

Attachment: Manatee Glens Drug Court Counselor.pdf

Attachment: Budget Admendment DUI-Drug Court.pdf

Financial Management

22. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-12-069 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

23. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-13-013 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

24. S.T.A.R.T - Red Tide Agreement

Attachment: FY13 START Agreement.pdf

25. Sale of County Asset - Manatee Health Network (MHN) * Eschenfelder

Attachment: DOC686.pdf

Attachment: DOC687.pdf -- Manatee County is consigning the Manatee Health Network contracts over to Manatee Glens, a total of 3,000 contracts. -- Approved, Unanimous


Neighborhood Services

26. Execution of FY 2012/13 HOME Funding Approval Amendment

Attachment: HUD E-Mail - HOME Amendment - Oct 29 2012.pdf

Attachment: HUD - VGR Approval Letter - Oct 2012.pdf

Attachment: HOME Funding Amendment - Oct 29 2010.pdf

Attachment: Resolution No. B-13-014 - BA HOME FY12-13 Grant Reduction.pdf

27. Suncoast Workforce Board Appointment

Attachment: Suncoast Board Gov Letter November 13 2012.pdf

Attachment: Chamber Letter.pdf

Attachment: Workforce Board Questionnaire.pdf

28. Revisions to the Housing Program Internal Policies * Cooney

Attachment: RESOLUTION R-12-247.pdf

Attachment: CAO Response to Hsg Policy Revision.pdf

Attachment: Revised Housing Policy3.pdf

Parks and Recreation

29. Clubhouse Building Lease Agreement between Manatee County and Manatee County Little League Baseball Inc. of Bradenton, Florida * Minix

Attachment: G T Bray West LL_CAO_Memo_9_11_92_Assigning_RLS.pdf

Attachment: G T Bray West LL_Dept Memo of 1993 requesting Transition Agreement.pdf

Attachment: GT Bray West LL_Transition Agreement.pdf

Attachment: West LL_9_9_92 RLS.pdf

Attachment: RLS-12-066 Religious Little League Pledge.pdf

Attachment: New Manatee West LL Clubhouse Building Agreement.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-12-175 Lease Agreement Authorization.pdf

30. Refund Membership Fees

Attachment: Bogue Refund.pdf

Public Works

31. Surplus Equipment

Attachment: Surplus List 11-13-12.pdf

Attachment: Reconciliation List 11-13-12.pdf

Attachment: R-12-244 .pdf

32. 2013 Year Community Transportation Agreements

Attachment: Signed Coordination Agreement by Providers.pdf


33. Waiver of Tipping Fees - 2013 Manatee County Fair

Attachment: Tipping Fee Waiver Ltr 2013 Fair.pdf

APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda)


CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Donna G. Hayes, Chairman) -- No business

COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman) -- No business

PORT AUTHORITY (Larry Bustle, Chairman) -- No business

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

Property Management

34. Adoption of Resolution R-12-229 and execution of Release of Conservation Easement, Bradenton Automotive Company * Wade

Attachment: APPL honda 1of2.pdf

Attachment: Appl honda 2of.pdf

Attachment: Honda Cars US41 Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: RLS 1122012.pdf


Attachment: RESOLUTION HONDA 1122012.pdf

Attachment: plot plan 1.pdf  -- For years was considered to be a low grade wetland. They are unsure if it is manmade or natural. It sat between two borrow pits, but will no longer be considered a conservation easement. The three-acre area will be rehabbed, stripped of non-native species and a wetland recreated with native species. -- Approved, Unanimous


35. Adoption of Resolution R-12-243, Closing and abandonment of roads , HRK Holdings, LLC

Attachment: John Piplack's plat 2 145.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R12243.pdf

Attachment: Survey .pdf

Attachment: wade email approval.pdf

Attachment: oande.pdf

Attachment: air products advertisment.pdf

Attachment: Air Products Disclaimer Loc Map.pdf -- A 15 ft. wide and 1,342 ft. long strip of land, for decades seen as an unused right-a-way, will be closed off and delineated as a street road. -- Approved, Unanimous


 E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)



Building and Development Services

36. Dentsply International, Inc. - Brownfield Designation - Kathleen Thompson


37. Full Agenda - pdf format

Attachment: 121113_docs.pdf


Commissioner McClash -- Five of seven days, libraries will be closed. That's too many, at least the main library should be open some of those days. The community relies on those services, for some it's there only access to the internet for things like job applications. We should figure out something to make the community services available. 


Commissioner Hayes -- Most of the developments were already approved when I got here. One thing I am proud of is helping to turn the commission around to being more pro-business. 

Commissioner Whitmore -- Someone called me, wanting me to do something about Smart Meters. I told her they were already in Manatee county, that we were the only county left and it was FPL's policy and we couldn't do anything about it. 

Commissioner McClash -- FPL gave a presentation at the Council of Governments. They said there were no privacy issues, no more frequency then a cell phone. There is strong opposition to electric fields.


Commissioner Bustle -- Someone called me and he seemed well informed about these meters. Wouldn't hurt to have dialog, can't kiss this one off. I think we should consider a workshop or public meeting of some sort.


Commissioner Chappie -- I want to make a motion to change the timeline on the transition to appoint the commission's chair and vice-chair person and the port's chair and vice-chair too. Move it from November 20, to the 27th. -- Approved, Unanimous

Commissioner Chappie -- A few months ago we requested staff to sent a letter to the school board suggesting they consider contacting the clerk of the court, regarding using an outside comptroller. They remedied their situation, and I would like to make a motion to tell staff to not send the letter. There is no need to. -- Approved, 5 to 2, Whitmore and McClash dissenting.



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