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Local Government Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 4/24/2012


BRADENTON -- Among the items at Tuesday's BOCC Meeting were new video recording equipment at county judicial center, a plan to run the landfill off of electricity it creates from the methane gas produced there, and the best utilization of HUD funds.

1. Pastor Jim Freeman, The Church at Braden River



2. Award Presentation - 2012 Florida Public Transit Association's Roadeo Attachment: 2012-03-24 ROADEO -- Manatee came in first place. 20 coworkers showed-up in support of their winning team. 


3. Donation From Connect Your Community Attachment: Gift Ordinance 86 05.pdf -- A nice donation check for $9,634.59 was presented to the Manatee Public Library. 

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)

4. Beta Sigma Phi Day -- Founded on April 30, 1931. Now 350,000 members, from 150,000 chapters around the world celebrate 81 years of service. April 28, 2012 will be Beta Sigms Phi Day in Manatee County. 

5. National Arbor Day -- In 1872, the Nebraska Board of Agriculture started "Arbor Day" and now it is celebrated around the world. Trees offer increased property value and quality of life.

6. Child Abuse Prevention Month Attachment: Child abuse. -- Fred Leonard, Executive Director for "Healthy Start Coalition of Manatee" championed, as he always does, the right words to remind us all, how children and their safety should be number one on all of our lists.   

7. National Day of Prayer Attachment: National Day of Prayer 2012.

8. Chef Jose Martinez -- The Chef's, Chef, from Maison Blanche, hats off to you sir.

9. Commissioner Carol Whitmore, Manatee's Animal Hero (Attachment): Whitmore helped to push Manatee County in being the first "No Kill" county in the state.  



Clerk of Circuit Court

10. Clerks Consent Agenda   attachment 042412.pdf

11. Dashboard Report for March 2012 Mar. 2012 dashboards.pdf

12. Approval to authorize payment of Tax Deed Sale Surplus Monies
Attachment: PeggyRobertsAffidavit.pdf
Attachment: DonaldRobertsAffidavit.pdf
Attachment: ShawnRobertsAffidavit.pdf
Attachment: Ornellas Affidavit.pdf
Attachment: Order of Summary Admin.pdf
Attachment: Quit Claim Deed.pdf

13. Ware's Creek, Parcels E-114A.2, E-114B.2, and E-114C.2, Authorization to commence and to prosecute eminent domain proceedings regarding the proposed construction of storm water improvements
Attachment: Aerial maps.pdf
Attachment: R-12-016.pdf
Attachment: R-12-017.pdf
Attachment: R-12-018.pdf
Attachment: R-12-019.pdf
Attachment: R-12-096.pdf
Attachment: R-12-097.pdf

14. Ware's Creek, Parcels E-114A.2, E-114B.2, and E-114C.2, Authorization to commence and to prosecute eminent domain proceedings regarding the proposed construction of storm water improvements

Attachment: R-12-098.pdf
Attachment: R-12-099.pdf
Attachment: Aerial maps.pdf

15. Final Plat - Central Park, Phase F

Attachment: DOC000.pdf
Attachment: DOC.pdf

Community Services

16. Summer Food Service Program

Attachment: 01715[1].pdfSponsor Agreement.pdf
Attachment: 12-SUMFOOD-AGENDA.Resolution.pdf

Financial Management

17. Budget Amendment Resolution

Attachment: B-12-042_Resolution_Narrative.pdf

Natural Resources


18. Tree Trust Fund Applications

Attachment: B12-044 Tree Trust Courthouse and Manatee Ave.pdf
Attachment: Tree Canopy Corridor application.pdf
Attachment: ELMAC letter.pdf
Attachment: City of Bradenton letter.pdf
Attachment: Tree Canopy newspaper article.pdf
Attachment: Tree Canopy Case Studies.pdf
Attachment: Courthouse_Tree_Trust_application.pdf

Neighborhood Services

19. Economic Development Incentives - Project PIONEER

Attachment: ProjectPIONEERResolutionEDI R-12-091.pdf
Attachment: ProjectPioneerResolution R-12-0092 QTI.pdf


20. Economic Development Incentive Grant - Project OEM

Attachment: ProjectOEMResolution R-12-093 QTI.pdf

Property Management

21. Perico Bayou property purchase located at 11001 Bristol Bay Drive.
Attachment: Magazine Perico.Contract for Sale - Execution Version.pdf

Public Safety

22. West Coast-Southern Medical, Inc., Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
Attachment: West Coast COPCN 2012.pdf
Attachment: RLS 12-103 Renewal of COPCN for West Coast Southern Medical.pdf
Attachment: West Coast Agmt 2012 2013.pdf


23. Service Fee Waiver
Attachment: FEEWAIVERAGENDA4.24.12.pdf

24. Time Payment Agreement Lien Releases
Attachment: RLS_OF_LIEN_ALLEN.pdf
Attachment: RLS_OF_LIEN_LECKIErev.pdf

APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved Unanimous.


Public Comment  

 -- Mr. Wheeler spoke about how to get sound meters at a reasonable cost so that there is no excuse for not inforcing the sound ordinances. He said, "They would pay for themselves." 


 -- Renee Rivard, secretary for The League of Humane Voters (LOHV-FL) encouraging counties to pass anti-tethering laws. The non-partisan group from Hillsborough County, works to educate the public on the importance of not tying or chaining up dogs or other animals. She said,"There is an alternative method for every reason one might find to tether their dog." Doing so is dangerous for people and the dog. Rivard, thanked Commissioner Whitmore for her work in "No Kill."

25. Lee County Industrial Development Authority Educational Facilities Revenuw Bonds Series 2012 (Lee County Community Charter Schools, LLC)
Attachment: Interlocal Agreement (clean).pdf
Attachment: Manatee County Resolution (clean).pdf
Approved, Unanimous, 6 - 0, Gallen absent
26. Proposed Ordinance 12-022 Solicitation and Panhandling
Attachment: Agenda Att-RLS 12-112 Solic Panhand Ord 12-022 and Proof of Pub.pdf

Approved, Unanimous.

Property Management

27. Resolution R-12-60, Application to Vacate Certain Rights of Way of Record (Cahill-Richland Farms), Motion of Continuance to June 19, 2012

Attachment: Cahill letter request to continue.pdf

-- Approved, Unanimous.

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled) Neighborhood Services

28. 2012-2017 Community Development Block Grant Five Year Consolidated Plan and 2012-2013 Annual Action Plan

Attachment: DRAFT Manatee Co Consolidated Plan 2012-2017.pdf
Attachment: Manatee Co Action Plan 2012-2013.pdf
Attachment: Priorities Objectives Strategies UPDATED 030212.pdf
Attachment: 2012 CDBG Eligible Areas.pdf
Attachment: 2012-13 Application Summary - Apr 9 2012.pdf

-- Approved, Unanimous. (Full Story)

29. Design/Build/Operate/Maintain Services for Lena Road Gas Electric Generator (RFP#11-1568BG) * RME

Attachment: landfill Generator Agreement Final.pdf
Attachment: EXHIBIT A.pdf
Attachment: 11-417 RLS Lena Rd Landfill Dec 27 2011.pdf
Attachment: EXHIBIT B Final GMP ADDENDUM.pdf

The current monthly cost of running the landfill plant facilities is $100,000. Once in operation, the methane powered system is expected to save the operation cost up to $500,000 a year. The anticipated cost for operation and maintenance over a 30 year period (life of the generator) is $3.5 million. It will take six months to design and another six months to be put on line. -- Approved, Unanimous 

Property Management


30. Judicial Center and DeSoto Center's Video Systems

Attachment: BA_Resolution B-12-034.pdf
Attachment: JC and Desoto Video Upgrade.pdf

There was some question about the speed being 5-fpm or 15-fpm (frames per minute), and about the cost, $325,000. A workshop is scheduled so Technology and Property Management can clarify some of the specifics asked by commissioners. The proposal passed as presented, with possible yielding to reviewed specifications. -- Approved, Unanimous, 6 - 0, Whitmore absent  

Public Works

31. Implementing Pilot Stormwater Discharge Maintenance Program * JAM

Attachment: CAO memo dated 06-16-11.pdf
Attachment: B-12-045.pdf

At the last work session the program was discussed. Hopes were WCIND would help with the funding, but staff discovered their funds do not cover the project. Comissioner McClash said, "I have, or we have, been waiting for this for the more than 20 years I have been here." -- Approved, Unanimous, 6 - 0, Whitmore absent.

32. Rescinding Maintenance Dredging Policy * JAM

Attachment: CAO memo dated 04-19-11.pdf
Attachment: Resolution 12-085 - Maintenance Dredging Policy Rev.pdf

-- Approved, Unanimous, 6 - 0, Whitmore absent.

Commissioner Comments: 


- Commissioner McClash regarding the Warner's Bayou/59th Street boat ramp on Riverview Blvd. in West Bradenton, "The boat ramp, we should keep things the way they were. It just doesn't feel right, bring it back." He said that when the boats hit the bottom and scrape, "We can do an easy fix on that."

- Commissioner DiSabatino, "Our 'Pill Mill Ordinance' got a news letter recognition and there is a 'Land Bank' that might be of some help with redevelopment." She said she witnessed a lot of cigarette butts while working with "Beautify Manatee", and said, "as dry as it is, they could possibly present an additional fire hazard." Then gave County Attorney, Ted Williams a heart felt "goodbye." Tuesday's meeting was William's last one before retiring.

- Commissioner Gallen said, "I went to a 'One Stop' dinner that a grant writer named Earl Calwell attended. I was impressed. I would like to make a motion to allow staff to provide and share information with him for what might help in developing a similar homeless shelter over in Palmetto." He added how impressed he was with Police Chief Wells and the Mayor, in their efforts working to improve the challenges for youths in Palmetto. Motion second. --Approved, Unanimous, 5 - 0, Whitmore and DiSabatino absent. 

- Commissioner Chappie wants to look into a county plan that will require county pools to be modified with a lift. He said, "The installation alone will cost $15,000."


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