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Local Government Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: August 21, 2012


BRADENTON -- Tuesday's BOCC meeting contained a packed agenda. The county-owned, 487-acre Robinson Preserve got a 150-acre conservation expansion. Commissioners also decided to go with the Medicaid Outstanding Billing agreement proposed by Tallahassee, and Manatee County gets a look at how the BP spill will compensate Florida counties in economic recovery.  

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (John R. Chappie, Chairman)

The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.

1. Invocation led by Pastor George Hefner, Colony Baptist Church



3. 10:30 a.m. (Item 49) WARNER'S BAYOU (59th Street West) BOAT RAMP FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS

CHANGES TO AGENDA (County Administrator and County Attorney)

4. Updates to Agenda -- Item #23 pulled for vote


Awards and Presentations

5. August 2012 Employee of the Month (Kevin Rogers)

Attachment: Rogers_Kevin_nomination.pdf

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)

6. Proclamation for Women's Equity Day

Attachment: proc_Womens Equity Day.pdf

7. Proclamation for The Kiwanis Club of Bradenton Day

Attachment: proc_Kiwanis.pdf

Neighborhood Services

8. Presentation by MEDC regarding Sports Performance Industry Analysis

Attachment: Sports Performance Target Industry Analysis Presentation 08.21.12.pdf

9. Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Rehousing Program Presentation

Attachment: SP Fact Sheet 06 29 12.pdf

Attachment: Suncoast Partnership Manatee HPRP Grant Report - BCC 08 21 12.pdf

Public Safety

10. United Way Report 2011-2012 Campaign

Attachment: BCC Presentation.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

11. Clerks Consent Agenda

Attachment: 082112.pdf


12. Harvard Kennedy School-Innovations in American Government Award

Attachment: YourChoice Health Plan 2012.pdf

Attachment: CEO Signature Page.pdf

Attachment: Application.pdf

13. Monthly Dashboard Report for July 2012

Attachment: kw 8 2012 dashboards.pdf


14. RLS 11-049; County Assembled Flushing Devices Patent Infringement -Settlement Agreement, Release, and Covenant not to Sue

Attachment: MC-Kupferle Settlement Agmt.pdf

Building and Development Services

15. FPZA Membership for Planning Commission Members

16. James A. and Joy B. Plemmons, Code Enforcement Case No. CE1995060234

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 8-21-12 Plemmons.pdf

17. Gulf Properties of Manatee, Inc., Code Enforcement Case No. CE2003100512

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 8-21-12 Gulf.pdf

18. FINAL PLAT-University Groves Estates Reserve

Attachment: University Groves Est. Reserve.pdf

Community Services

19. UCP of Southwest Florida Amendment to Funding Agreement

Attachment: Sample UCP Amendment One.pdf

Financial Management

20. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-12-062 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

21. Lockwood 70 I / II / III, LLC - Application for Impact Fee Credit Authorization - CA-11-15 (T)

Attachment: CA-11-15-T CREDIT AUTHORIZATION.pdf

Attachment: Lockwood 70 Application.pdf

Attachment: Zoning Ord PDC-11-05.pdf

Attachment: Transp Staff Approval Memo.pdf

22. Adoption of Resolution R-12-173 Sales Tax Collection

Attachment: R-12-173 Sales Taxpayer Info request.pdf

23. Change Order #3 Downtown Bradenton Transit Station (IFB #11-0579-OV)

Attachment: 8.13.2012.CHANGE ORDER #3.pdf

Attachment: 8.13.2012.CHANGE ORDER#3.EXEC.DOCS..pdf -- Item pulled from Consent for vote -- Approved, Unanimous

Natural Resources

24. Contract with Groundspeak for Geocaching GeoTour Program * Clague

Attachment: CAO.pdf

Neighborhood Services

25. SHIP Lien Release on Short Sale for Andrew Voshell

Attachment: Voshell Hardship Ltr.pdf

Attachment: Short Sale Settlement Offer.pdf

Attachment: HUD Settlement Stmt.pdf

Attachment: Sales Contract.pdf

Attachment: Property Appraiser Value.pdf

26. SHIP Lien Release on Short Sale for Michael and Tamikia Williams

Attachment: Williams Hardship Ltr.pdf

Attachment: Short Sale Settlement Offer.pdf

Attachment: HUD Settlement Stmt.pdf

Attachment: Sales Contract.pdf

Attachment: Property Appraiser.pdf

27. Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Rehousing Grant Close Out

Attachment: HPRP Closeout Package.pdf

Attachment: Close Out Certification.pdf

Parks and Recreation

28. Parks & Preserves Endowment Fund

Attachment: Parks & Preserves Endowment Fund Resolution.pdf

Property Management

29. The Paddocks Land Venture - Rights-of-Way Dedication

Attachment: WD - The Paddocks Land Venture.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - The Paddocks Land Venture.pdf

Attachment: Partial Release - Metropolis for The Paddocks.pdf

Attachment: Location map.pdf

30. Wares Creek Stormwater Improvement Project-Authorize Pre-Suit Negotiations for a Permanent Pedestrian Easement

Attachment: presuit.res.12-174 desoto oaks.pdf

Attachment: Desoto Oaks Ped Bridge - Esmt Loc Map.pdf

Public Safety

31. Resolution R-12-156 - Amendments to Fire District Lease Agreements * Eschenfeld

Attachment: Resolution R-12-156.pdf

Attachment: RLS 12-087.pdf

32. Removal of Uncollectible EMS Accounts for Accounts Receivable

Attachment: July 2012 Resolution R-12-176 with ATT. A and ATT. B.pdf

Attachment: July 2012 ATT. C.pdf

Public Works

33. No Parking Ordinance 12-31, for portions of 13th Ave NW & portions of 82nd St NW * Eschenfeld

Attachment: NP Ordinance 12-31.pdf

Attachment: NP Ord. 12-31 - Petition Signatures.pdf

Attachment: NP Ordinance 12-31 - Pictures.pdf

Attachment: CAO RLS 12-210 DATED 07-24-12.pdf

Attachment: NP School Hours Ordinance 12-31 Map.pdf

34. LAP Agreement w/FDOT - US 41 at Haben Boulevard

Attachment: Resolution.pdf

Attachment: 429873-1 LAP Agreement.pdf

35. No Parking Ordinance 12-30, for a portion of 4th Ave NW * Wade

Attachment: NP 4TH AVE Ordinance 12--30.pdf

Attachment: NP Ordinance 12-30 - CAC No. 12060194.pdf

Attachment: NP 4TH AVE NW ORD. 12-30 MAP.pdf

Attachment: 4 Ave NW No Pkg Ord - CAO Response.pdf

36. Surplus Vehicles

Attachment: Vehicle List 8-21-12.pdf

37. Federal Transit Administration FY2012 Capital Grant 5307 Program

Attachment: FDOT Toll Revenue Credit Request FY12 5307 080912.pdf

Attachment: FTA Program 5307 FY2012 Grant Application Summary.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-12-180 082112.pdf

38. Federal Transit Administration Capital Grant Program 5307 - FY2011 Second Appropriation

Attachment: FTA Program 5307 FY2011 Grant Application Summary.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-12-181 082112.pdf

Attachment: FDOT Toll Revenue Credits FY11 FTA 5307.pdf


39. Motion to approve Consent Agenda  -- Approved, Unanimous

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda)


Financial Management

40. Housing Finance Authority

Attachment: R-12-178 Housing Finance Authority appointment.pdf  -- The reappointment of Mr. Frank R. Dodson III -- Approved, Unanimous

Public Safety

41. Animal Services Advisory Board Appointments

Attachment: Animal Services Advisory Board Apps-info for 082112.pdf -- Appoint Laurie Crawford -- Approved, Unanimous

CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Donna G. Hayes, Chairman)


PORT AUTHORITY (Larry Bustle, Chairman)

The consent and regular agenda items for any Port Authority meeting are set forth in the Port Authority meeting agenda materials notebook as supplied by Port Manatee staff prior to and at the commencement of the meeting of the Port Authority.

42. Agenda and materials supplied under separate cover by Port Manatee staff  -- Approved, Unanimous

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

Public Works

43. R-12-153 - Amending the 29th Street East and Apollo Park Street Lighting MSBU  -- Commissioner Gallen felt the unexpected $10 annual increase for each property was not fair to residents. -- Approved, 6 - 1, Gallen Dissent

Attachment: Email from Financial Management.pdf

Attachment: Resolution.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit A - List of Property Owners.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit B - Letter to Property Owners.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit B-1 - Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: Location Map.pdf

Attachment: Proof of Pub.pdf

44. Second Public Hearing for Canal Dredging Assessment Project No. 6054901 in Coral Shores -- Approved, Unanimous

Attachment: Feasibility Report.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-12-137.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit B - Letter to Property Owners.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit B-1 - Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit C - Location Map.pdf

Attachment: Proof of Pub.pdf

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)


Community Services

45. Medicaid - Final Certification of Outstanding Retrospective Billing

Attachment: FinalCertificationAmtAugust12012.pdf -- Staff and Legal decided to recommendation of taking the 15 percent discount and not challenging Tallahassee's plan. Challenging could get more costly than any amount saved. Thousands of billings would have to be researched to determine proper address and identification. The year being used to determine the billing is 2008 and many people have moved and are hard to find. The total amount to be returned to Tallahassee could be as much as $5 million or as low as $3 million. Motion to take the 15 percent discount and move forward -- Approved, Unanimous

Financial Management

46. Refinancing Port Manatee Loan  -- Approved, Unanimous

Natural Resources

47. Robinson Preserve Expansion  -- Approved, Unanimous

Attachment: Robinson_Expansion_attach_1.pdf

Attachment: Robinson_Expansion_attach_2.pdf

Property Management

48. Property Conveyance to An Act of Dog, Inc., a non-profit corporation Pulled from agenda. Commission wants to familiarize themselves with the property and the applicant. -- No Vote

Attachment: Resolution R-12-161.pdf

Attachment: contract for purchase.pdf

Attachment: Conveyance Deed.pdf

Attachment: Location Map.pdf


Property Management (10:30 a.m. TIME CERTAIN)

49. Warner's Bayou (59th Street West) Boat Ramp Facility Improvements

Attachment: DOC006.pdf -- After citizens' input and much staff and commissioner discussion, the boat ramp improvements will include a new restroom building, a fish cleaning station and storm water grasses to trap runoff nutrients. The work will be scheduled to start Jan.1, 2013 and completed Feb. 15, 2013. -- Approved, 5 - 2, Whitmore and Chappie dissent (full story)


Charlie Hunsicker from Natural Resources briefed the commission on the Restore Coast Act of 2012. The Clean Water Act grants the federal Environmental Protection Agency authority to impose fines on parties responsible for oil spills. 


This is the first report that deciphers the method to how the 23 counties on the west coast of Florida will determine the losses in economic activity from the BP Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 


A motion to have Hunsicker move forward with the program -- Approved, Unanimous


50. Commissioner Comments 

-- Commissioner DiSabatino wants County Administrator Ed Hunzeker to update her on Tallevast and the Robonia Center


-- Commissioner Bustle suggested the commission rethink the Port Manatee's connector route and get the EIS done.

-- Commissioner McClash entered into the record a briefing detailing the use of PAC's and EOC's in heavily-funded attack ads in the August 14 primary.




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