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Local Government Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: Oct. 30, 2012


BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, commissioners took a step forward in handing over the conservation responsibilities and naming rights of a proposed extension of Robinson Preserve, to the conservancy group now in charge. Fears that phosphate mining company, Mosaic, will play a major role and even possibly end up with its name sitting on top were voiced by residents and environmental groups. In other business, Willowbrook homeowners were back for a fresh round of old excuses.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (John R. Chappie, Chairman)

1. Invocation led by Pastor Kevin Washington, Life Changers International World Ministries



CHANGES TO AGENDA (County Administrator and County Attorney)

3. Updates to Agenda


Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations) Approved, Unanimous

4. Kiwanis of Anna Maria Island - 60th Anniversary

Attachment: proc_Kiwanis of AMI.pdf-- Sandy Haas Martens and Claudette Welch received the proclamation, accompanied by Dave Miner 


5. Community Planning Month - October 2012

Attachment: proc_community planning month.pdf -- 

6. Rhea Chiles Day - November 1, 2012

Attachment: -proc_CHILES.pd  -- "Her love of art and devotion to Anna Maria Island was unmatched."

7. Veterans Day - November 11, 2012

Attachment: proc_Veterans Day.pdf-- Parade starts at 9 a.m. Services starts at 11 a.m. 

8. Farm City Week - November 12-17, 2012

Attachment: proc_farm city week 2012.pdf-- Joe McClash gave his last proclamation before leaving the commission: the county's 55th year honoring agriculture's relationship with the county, second only to tourism in economic contribution.  Agriculture generated $647 million in economic activity in 2001. The proclamation was presented to Ralph Garrison, Chairman of the Farm City Week Committee, and to Marina Abreau, Agriculture ExtensionService Director

9. Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month - November 2012

Attachment: proc_Pancreatic Cancer.pdf-- Danny Rowland was presented the proclamation. A cancer survivor, Danny looks for the day research and treatments for Pancreatic cancer have as much success fighting the disease as has breast cancer. He ask for others to visit pancan.org. 

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda) -- None

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only) -- 


Clerk of Circuit Court

10. Clerks Consent Agenda

Attachment: 20121030.pdf


11. 2013 Legislative Platform-- Pulled for two votes from the list of Manatee County's Secondary List of Legislative Priorities.

A. New protection for homebuyers -- motion to scratch from list - Approved, 6 to 1,  Gallen dissenting. 

B.  Modifying Write-in Candidate requirements to try and prevent them from closing off otherwise open elections -- Motion to exclude from list -- Approved, 4 to 3, McClash, Disabatino and Gallen dissenting.

Attachment: 2013 BCC Platform (DRAFT 3).pdf

12. Dashboard Reports for September 2012

Attachment: Sept 2012 dashboards.pdf


13. Bank of America, N.A. v. Dominguez Jr., et al. Case No.: 2010-CA-1625

Attachment: Dominguez.pdf

14. Accept settlement for loss due to water damages at Utilities Laboratory

15. Approval and Authorization of Settlement in re:Christine Murphy v. Manatee County; Case No. 2011-CA-3421

Attachment: Orig Mediated Settlement Agmt-Murphy.pdf

Attachment: Orig HIPAA Auth-Murphy.pdf

16. City of Anna Maria Deputy Service Agreements; RLS 12-229; CAO File No. 2060-094

Attachment: Svc Agmt w City of AM and MCG 2012-13.pdf

Attachment: AM Svc Agmt Exhibit A.pdf

17. Eminent Domain: Ware’s Creek Storm Water Improvement Project, Parcels E-104.1 and E-104.2 – Approval of Settlement

Attachment: AerialMap_ParcelE104.pdf

Attachment: StipFJ_104_Watkins.pdf

Building and Development Services

18. Mill Creek, Phase VII-C - Final Plat

Attachment: Mill Creek Ph. VIIC.pdf

Community Services

19. Interagency Agreement with the Department of Children and Families

Attachment: Signed Title IV-E Waiver Agreement.pdf

Attachment: Amendment #006.pdf

20. Children's Services Funding - Non-Profit Agency Agreements

Attachment: Non-Profit Agreement Sample.pdf

21. FY 2012-2013 NPA Funding Agreements

Attachment: Sample Agreement.pdf

22. FY2011-2012 Funding Agreement Amendment #1

Attachment: Amendment Number 1 to KMB-Highway Litter201112.pdf

23. Prescription Benefits Program

Attachment: DOC039.pdf

Financial Management

24. Award IFB #12-1938-OV: Erie Road @69th Street East Intersection Improvements, Parrish, FL.

Attachment: 10.3.2012.SURETY LETTER REF.BOND.pdf

Attachment: Recorded Bonds Agreement Ins Certif.pdf

Attachment: Dept Recommendation Memo.pdf

Attachment: BID. A. TABULATION 9.20.2012.pdf

Attachment: BID B TABULATION 9.20.2012.pdf

25. Change Order #1, Bayshore on the Lakes Waterline Replacement Project (IFB #11-1897-OV)

Attachment: 10.3.2012.Dept.Memo CO.#1..pdf

Attachment: Change Order #

26. Change Order #4, Bradenton Transit Station (IFB #11-0579-OV)

Attachment: CO. #4.Zirkel. Recommend. PO #T1100058.pdf

Attachment: CO #4.Zirkel.Agreement.pdf

27. Change Order #6 to Construction Services for Manatee County Historical Courthouse Facade Renovation/ Roof Window Replacement (RFP#10-3284BG)

Attachment: Dept Memo 10 1 12.pdf

Attachment: Change Order #6.pdf

28. Addendum #1 to Odor and Corrosion Control Services

Attachment: addendum #1 executed.pdf

Attachment: Memo 10 17 12 Addendum #1.pdf

29. Master Lift Stations 1M and 13A Change Order #1 * Minix

Attachment: us waters.co1 memo.LS.pdf

Attachment: us waters.co1.LS.pdf

Attachment: us waters.co1.RLS.pdf

30. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-12-068 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

31. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-13-009 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

Natural Resources

32. RESTORE Act-Proposals for Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Attachment: RESTORE_Act_Proj_Proposals_LTR000.pdf

Neighborhood Services

33. Memorandum of Understanding with Enterprise Florida, Inc. and Manatee EDC

Attachment: MOU-Enterprise Florida & Manatee EDC.pdf

34. Endorsement of Insurance Check

Attachment: R Bordon Insurance Settlement Check.pdf

Property Management

35. Resolution R-12-226, IMG, 47th Street West vacation request declaring a public hearing. * Wade

Attachment: 47th St W img acad RW Vac Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: RLS IMG DOC.pdf

Attachment: Appl 1 of 3.pdf

Attachment: Appl 2 of 3.pdf

Attachment: Appl 3 of 3.pdf

Attachment: R-12-226.pdf

36. Resolution R-12-227, Bradenton Automotive Company, Request for public hearing for release of conservation easement

Attachment: Honda Cars US41 Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: R12227V.pdf

37. Watercrest Condominium Association, Inc. POMD Agreement/ Utility Easement for Utility Turnover

Attachment: Agreement - POMD.pdf

Attachment: Bill of Sale.pdf

Attachment: Utility Easement.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: Joinder.pdf

Attachment: location map - Watercrest.pdf

38. Garden Lakes Villas 3 Association, Inc., and David A. and Bobbette M. Gilbertson - Utility Easement(2) for Garden Lakes Estates Utility Turnover

Attachment: UE - Garden Lakes Villas.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - Garden Lakes Villas.pdf

Attachment: UE - Gilbertson.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - Gilbertson.pdf

Attachment: B of A Joinder for Gilbertson.pdf

Attachment: Garden Lakes - Villas and Gilbertson - UE location map.pdf

39. Subordination between Tampa Electric Company & Manatee County for 44TH Avenue East (12th Street East to 19th Street Court East) Road Project

Attachment: Tampa Electric Company Subordination document .pdf

Attachment: Tampa Electric Subordination Map .pdf

Public Safety

40. Removal of Uncollectible EMS Accounts for Accounts Receivable

Attachment: September 2012 Resolution R-12-223 with ATT. A and ATT. B.pdf

Attachment: September 2012 ATT. C.pdf

41. Homeland Security Grant Program Award * Cooney

Attachment: Budget Resolution B-13-010 for HLS Grant $29,500.pdf

Attachment: RLS Review 11-439 for HLS Grant $29,500.pdf

Attachment: $29,500 Grant Resolution R-12-041.pdf

Attachment: HLS Grant $29,500 Agreement 12-DS-20-08-51-01-.pdf

42. Resolution R 12-170 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan Agreement

Attachment: Res'l R - 12 - 170.pdf

Attachment: Resolution B - 13 - 011.pdf

Attachment: Hazmat Grant 2012 - 2013.pdf

43. Resolution R-12-222 - Fee Structure for Animal Services

Attachment: FEE Resolution 12-222 replacing 11-025 092512.pdf

Attachment: FEE Resolution DRAFT 12-222 092512.pdf

Attachment: RLS ACK 12-273 Animal Svc Fees Res Update.pdf

Attachment: Fee Memo.pdf

44. Interlocal Agreements between Manatee County and the cities of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria Island

Attachment: FY13 AnnaMaria Bch Agrmt.pdf

Attachment: FY13 Bton Bch Agrmt.pdf

Attachment: FY13 Holmes Bch Agrmt.pdf

APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda)


CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Donna G. Hayes, Chairman) open/close

Consent Agenda   --

45. Resolution 12-040 - Changes to Off-site Caterer Program -- Approved, Unanimous

Attachment: Exhibit G(1) MCC markup.pdf

Attachment: Exhibit G(1) MCC final.pdf

Attachment: RESOLUTION R-12-040.pdf

COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman) -- open --

--  Commissioner DiSabatino -- South County members are waiting on the RSP -- abatement ordinance. After 3 complaint activities, within 12 months, action can be taken to evict.   

-- Commissioner McClash -- Work with the landlords, -- certified letter pushing them somewhere else once evicted from a certain neighborhood -- will only be a problem elsewhere. 


-- Carol -- How can you prove with the landlord, observe a certain amount of traffic?


McClash -- Watch them and notify authorities. The commissioner, who owns a rental business, explained that high traffic at the rentals is the prime indicator that there is a problem and said that his leases limit the amount of visitors in a day.

PORT AUTHORITY (Larry Bustle, Chairman)  Open --. The land Air Products is buying from HRK has a line going across it. Closing is scheduled for nov 7. It will have to be figured out by then. Proper notice needed for Nov. 7,  if delayed past Nov. 15, it can be handled at the Port meeting. Continued to Port meeting next thursday. 

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)  -- No

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled) no 


Natural Resources (10:30 a.m. TIME CERTAIN)

46. Robinson Preserve Expansion-- Motion to move forward in process with caveat. -- Approved, Unanimous (story to follow)

Attachment: Resolution for Robinson Preserve Expansion BCC.pdf

Attachment: Cooperative Agreement for RPE BCC.pdf

Attachment: RPE QuitClaimDeed from County to CFGC BCC.pdf

Attachment: Fill Removal Agreement for RPE BCC.pdf


Building and Development Services

47. Willowbrook Report-- Willowbrook residents showed up again to address Building and Development Services Director, John Barnott. Barnott dismissed any responsibility to the sequence of events plaguing the shoddy construction at Willowbrook. Residents were angry and disappointed that the commission kept the brush-off turned on and any help out of reach. -- (story to follow)


48. Full Agenda - pdf format

Attachment: 121030_docs.pdf


49. Commissioner Comments




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