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Local Government Manatee County Port Authority Agenda Results: 9/20/2012


PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Port Authority meeting, a report on the Berth 12 Extension and container terminal project showed continued progress that's keeping in pace with the scheduled completion date. Port Authority officials also zeroed in on remedies to relieve material at their "spoiled disposal site," by selling the fill to other fill-needy projects. Commissioners also voted to take a glitch out of the protocol in their decision-making process. Finally, the Port Director announced that Port Manatee is the recipient of a $2.5 million grant for two new rail engines. 

1. CONSENT -- Approved, 5 - 0, Bustle and Whitmore absent

    A. Warrant List

    B. Minutes for Approval

    C. Budget Resolution

    D. Deletion of Port Assets

    E. Authorization of Sublease of Port Manatee Warehouse -- Pulled for discussion and vote. 

Commissioner McClash felt there was no reason for the board to vote on the matter. Maggie Mooney-Portale, attorney for Lewis - Longman and Walker, representing the port, stated their contract called for a commission vote whenever a change was made to the lease. Commissioner McClash said, "But there are no changes. The contract for the leaser and the lessee remains unchanged. Whoever it is subleased to must for fill the obligations of the original lease." Portale said she was just doing her job and that called for a vote for any exchange. 

Although none of the commissioners received any information to who the other party would be, or any other information on the arrangement, McClash restated, "There isn't anything to vote on. If there isn't any change, everything stays the same." McClash said he would go along with the request, but made a motion that included future action by the board to discuss handing the authority of such matters over to the Port Director, so the board wouldn't have to vote on a no-action item. Motion Approved, 5 - 0, Bustle and Whitmore absent.    

2. Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal Project -- Change order #5 -- Approved, 5 - 0, Bustle and Whitmore absent

3. Port Manatee Amended and Restated Land Lease Amendment --  Continued

4. Port Manatee Warehouse 2 Lease Modification -- Approved, 5 - 0, Bustle and Whitmore absent

5. Status of Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal Project -- George Isiminger, Senior Director of Engineering Maintenance and Environmental Affairs delivered the reports for items 5, 6 and 7. 

Isminger reported that the Berth 12 extension project was 10 percent completed and running smoothly. June 9, 2013 was on schedule for a completion date. He stated that under the tax saving program, to date, there has been a total of $388,000 in total savings. Isminger said, "The dock will be able to handle rail," and that this is the only new container dock being built in the Florida today. He said the total length of the dock will be 1584 feet.


6. Discussion of Port Manatee Spoil Disposal Site and Potential Sale of Material -- Isminger said the current capacity of the "spoil site" is nearing full. Isminger explained that to recover more capacity, the existing material could be moved from the site, and used on other projects, saving the county money if they would otherwise have to purchase material. 

Commissioner DiSabatino asked if the material would have to be tested if used in another project? Isminger replied, "Yes it would," adding, "there are four million cubic yards of material."


7. Discussion of Perico Site Mitigation Credits -- Perico Bayou Tract will be excavated providing mitigation credits for the port development. Permitting will be handled by two different processes, USACOE and the FDEP, impacting 13 to 14 acres of sea grass. 

8. Discussion of Open Port Authority Matters -- Legal -- Attorney Portale suggested there may need to be a "shade" meeting to discuss strategy for legal action in the HRK Piney Point suit. Air Products, who have purchased the site got partial approval from FDEP on exemption from clean-up cost. Air Products will go forward without liabilities for clean-up.

Port receives $2.5 million TIGER grant for two new port locomotive engines (full story


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