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Local Government Manatee Port Authority Agenda Results: 12/20/2012


PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Port Authority meeting, commissioners received an informative description to the task of the Tampa Bay Pilots Association from Captain Allen Thompson. Steve Tyndal later gave a presentation identifying the Tariff No. 3 additions and changes to come in 2013, and Port Manatee CFO Bob Armstrong reported on his trip with Governor Scott to Bogota, Columbia.


1. CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous  (A -- D)

A. Warrant List

B. Minutes for Approval: October 30, 2012; November 1, 2012; November 15, 2012

C. Budget Resolution

D. Acceptance of Commercial Paper Loan Transcript into Record

E. Payment of Martin Marietta Claim (pulled)

2. Employee Recognition Awards:

A. Andy Chestnut -- 10 years

B. Denise Gonzales -- 10 years

C. Sandy Arnold -- 20 years

D. Larry Caldwell -- 25 years 

3. Presentation by Captain Allen Thompson – Tampa Bay Pilots

  -- Captian Allen L. Thompson, Jr. Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Pilots Association presented the board with a presentation to the operational procedures of the Port's Pilot Programs. (full story) 

4. State Legislative Agenda Discussion by Lori Killinger of Lewis, Longman & Walker 

  -- Lori Killinger of Lewis Longman & Walker, P.A. briefed the board on the Legislative Agenda. She said that in the last election the Republican-controlled Senate lost a couple of seats, resulting in losing the 2/3 majority it takes to rule the Senate. It went from 28 R / 12 D; to 26 R to 14 D. The House of Representatives suffered a similar blow going from a 80 R / 40 D; to 76 R / 44 D.

In the next legislation the issues scheduled are: gun control, gaming and internet cafes. 

5. Additions, Changes and/or Increases to Port Manatee Tariff No. 3 and Port Manatee Railroad Local Freight Tariff MAUP-80-K

 -- Steve Tyndal, Port Manatee Senior Director of Trade Development and Special Projects discussed the Tariff No. 3 additions, changes and/or increases effective 01/01/2013. Tyndal discussed the adjustments with tenants and Port users on November 16 2012. The revised rates remain competitive with Florida's other ports. -- Approved, Unanimous 

6. Port Manatee Surveillance and Monitoring Equipment and Interoperable Communications Grant Award -- Approved, Unanimous

7. Election of Port Authority Officers -- Commissioner Whitmore will become the new Port Authority Chairwoman, Commissioner Chappie, the vice-chair and Commissioner Gallen the second vice-chair. -- Approved, Unanimous

8. Approval of the Amendment to the Litigation Settlement Agreement Supplement -- Approved, Unanimous

9. Second Amendment to Port Manatee Option, Lease and Pipeline Use Agreement -- Approved, Unanimous

10. Update on Team Florida Trade Mission to Bogota, Colombia

  -- Bob Armstrong, CFO and Senior Director of Business gave a report on his trip to Bogota, Columbia, with Governor Scott. He said the governor did a fine job on the two day trip representing all of the ports in the state. 

Armstrong stated, Columbia is the second largest country, behind Brazil, in trading with Port Manatee, and that he went to the President's palace with 20 others. Armstrong then gave an update on Berth 12. 


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