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Local Government Manatee Port Authority Meeting Results 1/19/2012




1. CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, 6 -- 0,  Hayes absent.

 A. Warrant List

 B. Minutes for Approval: December 15, 2011

 C. Budget Resolution

 D. Affirmative Action Annual Report

 E. Second Amendment to Tolling Agreement and Agreement to Mediate

 F. Travel Authorization

 G. Acceptance of Commercial Paper Transcript into Record

2. Discussion & Presentation of Foreign Trade Zones -- No vote,

The new Manatee Port Authority Director, Carlos Buqueras, explained that Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are like encouragement zones, authorized by the federal government to create jobs. When companies are marketing overseas, FTZs are a valuable tool for closing deals, and most valuable for warehousing products. Used for almost any commodity, they provide a duty free treatment within the designated trade zone

The FTZ has authority to change a practiced protocol, if by chance some circumstances become burdensome to an intended goal. The FTZ then becomes the appropriator to resolve the issue. In a case where a product has lost its label, instead of returning the complete shipment to the country of origin, (a very costly route) it will warehouse the product until customs can relabel it. 

3. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Contract Claims Resolution -- Approved, 6 - 0,  Hayes absent.  

Last year, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock filed a $4.8 million claim against the Port of Manatee for damages incurred during the Piny Point mishap, where leaked material spilled into Bishop Harbor. The Department of Environmental Protection Secretary, Hershal T Vinyard, spoke with Port Director Carlos Buqueras and Port Authority Chair Larry Bustle and conveyed the importance of settling the suit. 

The Manatee Port Authority voted 6 - 0 to settle the case with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock for a reported $3.3 million. HRK Holdings, whom owns the expired Piney Point phosphate mine, where the leak occurred, will be expected to reimburse Port Manatee as one of the third parties in the case. The Port was responsible for whatever cost and delay occurred from the spill when dredging Berth 12, since HRK was contracted with the port to hold the dredged material at Piny Point.

4. Discussion of TIGER II Projects -- The decision was continued, January, 24. (STORY)

5. Open Port Authority Matters --  Commissioner Joe McClash suggested that this is a perfect time to launch the "Florida's International Gateway" campaign, calling on regional groups to announce its inception. He said it's time to go forward and introduce it to the rest of the state and make it be known.

Manatee County Port Authority:


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