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Manatee BOCC Land Use Meeting Agenda Results: 2/7/2013


BRADENTON -- The BOCC held a short session Thursday with little on the agenda. The Preliminary Site Plan, an east county development, was approved with stipulations regarding parts of the development that are on known flood areas. In other business, commissioners passed a motion to have county attorneys research what will be needed to draw up a Synthetic Drug (Bath Salts) ordinance modeled similar to one in Pasco County.


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Larry Bustle, Chairman)

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

1. Invocation led by Reverend Gerrit Besteman, Bradenton Christian Reformed Church



Changes to Agenda

2. Updates to Agenda (Land Use Meeting)


REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Building and Development Services

3. FINAL PLAT - Arbor Reserve

Attachment: Arbor Reserve Plat Declarations part 1.pdf

Attachment: Arbor Reserve Plat Declarations part 2.pdf

Attachment: Arbor Reserve Final Plat.pdf

4. Motion to approve Consent Agenda  -- Approved, Unanimous

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda)


D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

Building and Development Services

5. PDR-11-14(G)(R) - MML I LLC & PGCI IV LLC/Silverleaf - DTS#20120454 - B00000071 - Revised General Development Plan - Quasi-Judicial - Katie LaBarr - To be continued see action requested -- Continued to later date

6. Serenity Creek  PDR-04-27(Z)(P)(R) - Meritage Homes of FL, Inc./Serenity Creek - DTS#20120360- Rezone and Revised Preliminary Site Plan - Rossina Leider - Quasi-Judical

Attachment: Maps FLU-Zoning-Aerial - SerenityCreek-PDR-04-27(P)(R).pdf

Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising.pdf

Attachment: Request Specific Approval Letter-Serenity Creek-PDR-04-27(P)(R).pdf

Attachment: Ordinance PDR-04-27(Z)(P)(R) Serenity Creek.pdf

Attachment: Ordinance EXHIBIT C - PDR-04-27(Z)(P)(R) Serenity Creek.pdf

Attachment: Staff Report - Serenity Creek - PDR-04-27(Z)(P)(R) - 2-7-13 BOCC.pdf

Attachment: Supplemental Information Previous approved Ordinance PDR-04-27(Z)(P) - Serenity Creek.pdf

Attachment: Supplemental Information Previous approved Site Plan PDR-04-27(Z)(P) Serenity Creek for 2-7-13 BOCC.pdf

Attachment: Site Plan - Serenity Creek - PDR-04-27(Z)(P)(R).pdf -- Approved,  Unanimous (FULL STORY)

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)




7. Full Agenda - pdf format

Attachment: 130207bc_docs.pdf


Commissioner Whitmore said she enjoyed the Prayer Breakfast with Ed (Hunzeker), that Representative Pilon is "on the issue," referring to the letter of displeasure from the BOCC to Pilon's SWFWMD bill. Whitmore let it be known that there are between five and six thousand hotel rooms in Manatee County, and 14 thousand in Sarasota County. The Commissioner said that she heaped to introduce the Pasco ordinance that the synthetic drug ordinance was to be modeled after with the Florida Association of Counties, and that its focus is on the marketing and packaging of such products.

Commissioner Benac reminded people that Mr. Hunzeker would give the How Will We Grow presentation at Tiger Bay, immediately after the meeting and that she agreed they have to think regional (SWFWMD bill), remembering the "Peace River water wars" of the past.

Commissioner Gallen: "I want to hear more on "How Will We Grow", understand more about what contributes to urban blight. I wish I would have said more on KaBOOM in the demonstration yesterday (Manatee Council of Governments Meeting). We have used them before and there are possibilities there ... I was over by the "Memphis" area where they were playing dominoes. We need to get them a table for them to play on. They play it outside, under the trees, in the breeze."

Commissioner Chappie (also speaking of the water issue)  "I had a meeting with John Osborne, and we are all in this together. Long ago Manatee prepared for what was coming, we did all of the right moves ... I was at Peace River yesterday, they have three representatives that are on the SWFWMD board. There is no way we should lose a representative. "On synthetic drugs: We need to act. I make a motion to have our attorneys look into the bath salts ordeal and draw up something."  -- Approved, Unanimous

DiSabatino -- (Referencing the bath salts) "The trouble here is they are targeting the kids. I am ready to move forward to take action." The commissioner also noted that in 2012, real estate sales, prices and listings are all up.

Commissioner Bustle -- I have been hearing more on these "Smart Meters." They are supposed to improve the grid. How does that play out?" On bath salts: We need to bring the Sheriff in on this."



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