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Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 10/22/2013


BRADENTON -- At Thursday's Manatee County Commission meeting, Natural Resource Department Director Charles Hunsicker restated and reviewed the county's commitment to staying active in the Restore Act. Hunsicker introduced Jessica Koelsch, a Gulf Restoration Policy Specialist for the National Wildlife Federation, who further stated the importance of using the Restore Act settlement funds for estuary and shoreline restoration. In other business, the board appointed Don Cortney and Paul Olah as Code Enforcement Special Magistrates.

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

1. Invocation led by Jim Lacara, Baha'i Faith of Manatee County


Items Scheduled for Time Certain

2. 9:00 A.M. TIME CERTAIN - Item #41 - Restoring Our Environment Restores Our Economy

3. 9:15 A.M. TIME CERTAIN - Item #43 - Cortez Bridge Project

Changes to Agenda

4. Updates to Agenda

A. AWARDS/PRESENTATIONS/PROCLAMATIONS Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)-- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent

5. Dr. Angus Graham Day

Attachment: Dr. Angus Graham Day.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda) CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

6. Clerk's Consent Agenda Attachment: 102213.pdf


7. 2014 State Legislative Platform (final) Attachment: 2014 BCC Platform (FINAL 1).pdf

8. Dashboard Report for September 2013

Attachment: PSCC_BDSR_SEPT.pdf Attachment: Sept 2013 dashboards.pdf

9. Manatee County Seal and Logo * Eschenfelder

Attachment: 13-54-Use of County Seal.pdf Attachment: UseOfCountySealRES.pdf Attachment: Manatee County Logo Set.pdf


10. Fort Hamer Road Water Main Crossing Project / Authorization to commence and to prosecute eminent domain proceedings

Attachment: Fort Hamer Waterline PUE 803- Loc Map.pdf Attachment: R-13-202 Resolution of Necessity.pdf Attachment: R-13-203 Resolution of Quick Taking.pdf

Building and Development Services


Attachment: application.pdf Attachment: agreements.pdf Attachment: declaration.pdf

12. Roberta Schjolden Code No. 1997010258

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 10-8-2013 Schjolden.pdf

13. Wilderness Crossings LLC Code No. CE2007110007 * Cooney Attachment: BOCC Attachments 10-22-13 Wilderness.pdf

Community Services

14. FY2013-2014 NPA Funding Agreements Attachment: Sample Agreement.pdf

Convention and Visitors Bureau 

15. SandBlast Event * Clague

Attachment: SandBlast Agreement - 2013.pdf 

16. Symphony on the Sand * Clague

Attachment: Symphony-on-Sand-Agreement-2013.pdf

Financial Management

17. Amendment One to Amended & Restated Red Light Agreement


18. FY13 Budget Amendments

Attachment: B-13-076 Resolution Narrative.pdf

19. FY14 Budget Amendments

Attachment: B-14-011 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

20. IFB #13-1527CD, Blackstone Park Expansion Site Work and Concession Building

Attachment: 13-1527CD Tabulation.pdf Attachment: Mulligan Constructors Contract.pdf

Neighborhood Services

21. Economic Development Incentive Grant - Project Maple - R-13-190 Attachment: Maple-100813doc.pdf

22. Endorsement of Insurance Check Attachment: Jean Hagan Ins Checks.pdf

23. SHIP Lien Release to Short Sale for Pamela Kudriaszow

Attachment: Kudriaszow Hardship Ltr.pdf

Attachment: Kudriaszow Short Sale Settlement Offer.pdf Attachment: Kudriaszow HUD Settlement Stmt.pdf Attachment: Kudriaszow Sales Contract.pdf

Attachment: Kudriaszow Property Appraiser Printout.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

24. Florida Department of Corrections WS872

Attachment: WS872 Department of Corrections contract.pdf

25. Refund for Peggy Ngu

Attachment: Peggy Ngu refund.pdf

Property Management

26. Public Sale and Purchase of Surplus Real and Personal Property located at 304 52nd Avenue Terrace West, Bradenton, to Floridana Homeowners Association, Inc., a Florida non profit corporation. * Adibe

Attachment: Contract floridana 10112013.pdf Attachment: Deed to Floridana.pdf

Attachment: Surplus Floridana RLS.pdf

Attachment: Floridana Mobile Homes Lot 17 Loc Map.pdf

27. Recording of a Road Plat Map.

Attachment: LocationMap_121st_ 69th to Erie.pdf Attachment: Road Plat_121st_ 69th to Erie.pdf

28. Resolution R-13-199, Presuit Negotiations, Morgan Johnson Road Sidewalk Project #6049761

Attachment: Morgan Johnson Road Resolution R-13-199 Authorizing PreSuit Offers.pdf

Attachment: Morgan Johnson Project Map Parcel #809 .pdf

Public Safety

29. EMS Prehospital Grant

Attachment: Notification Ltr.pdf Attachment: Res'l 13-200 Apply-Accept.pdf Attachment: EMS.County.Grant.App.pdf Attachment: B-14-013.pdf

30. Update Ambulance User Fees for Manatee County EMS * Eschenfelder Attachment: RLS R-13-196 EMS User Fees.pdf

Attachment: RLS.pdf

Public Works

 31. Uniform Method for the Collection of Assessments Attachment: Ad.pdf


32. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda -- Approved, 6 -- 0,  Chappie absent 



Building and Development Services

33. Appointment of Code Enforcement Special Magistrates Attachment: BOCC Attachments 10-22-13 SM Appt.pdf -- Don Cortney and Paul Olah -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent

Neighborhood Services -- 

34. Palmetto/North Manatee County EZDA Board Appointment

Attachment: Whitney Chapman EZDA Appointment.pdf Attachment: Ordinance 08-024.pdf

Attachment: Whitney Chapman.pdf

Attachment: VOTING CONFLICTS FORM.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent 

CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman)


PORT AUTHORITY (Carol Whitmore, Chairman)

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

Neighborhood Services

35. Substantial Amendment to Manatee County Annual Action Plans

Attachment: Resolution R-13-186.pdf

Attachment: Bradenton Herald Ad - SA - Sept 26 2013.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent

Property Management

36. Resolution R-13-176, Elwood Park Subdivision, Road Right of Way Vacation, Public Hearing for Donald G. and Judith A. Browning located at 1804 45th Street Court East. * Adibe

Attachment: Application Browning.pdf Attachment: FPL easement.pdf Attachment: Verizon easement.pdf Attachment: RLS response Browning.pdf Attachment: Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: SWMUD certification and high mean survey.pdf Attachment: Browning-45th St Ct E at Braden River - Loc Map.pdf Attachment: R-13-176 Browning to vacate.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent

37. Resolution R-13-178, Magnolia Manor River Section, Utility Easement Vacation Request, Public Hearing for Jean E. Button. * Adibe

Attachment: Application Button 9-13-13.pdf

Attachment: RLS Response Button 9-13-13.pdf

Attachment: AFFDAVIT BUTTON.pdf

Attachment: Magnolia Manor Sub Div Map Button 9-13-13.pdf Attachment: location map button.pdf

Attachment: R-13-178 Button Resolution.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent


38. Cross-Connection Backflow Prevention Ordinance No.13-35 and Required Backflow Prevention Assemblies * Sikora

Attachment: Resolution R87-125.pdf

Attachment: Cross Connection FY 14-15 Adopted Budget.pdf Attachment: Notice of Public Hearing.pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-13-194 w-Exh A - 10-17-13.pdf Attachment: Cross-Connection Backflow Prevention Ordinance No. 13- 35.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled) Building and Development Services

39. Ordinance No. 13-43 Amending Manatee County Land Development Code Relating to Code Enforcement Board

Attachment: LDC amendments. code enforcement board. Ordinance. No.

13-43. final.pdf

Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising Ord. 13-43 for 10-22-13 BC.pdf -- Approved, 5-1, Gallen dissenting, and Chappie absent

Parks and Natural Resources

40. Ordinance Amendment to Establish Boating Safety Idle Speed No Wake Zone in Manatee River Adjacent to the Fort Hamer Rowing Facility * Clague

Attachment: 2012 FS XXIV, Chp 327.pdf

Attachment: FT_ISNW_Plan1.pdf

Attachment: FT_ISNW_Plan2.pdf

Attachment: Waterways Amendment (Ft. Hamer ISZ) Final.pdf Attachment: HamerISNWINSET Exhibit B.pdf

Attachment: Slide Presentation - Proposed Ordinance 13-37.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent


Parks and Natural Resources (9:00 a.m. Time Certain)

41. Restoring Our Environment Restores Our Economy

Attachment: Resolution R-13-201 RESTORE Act.pdf Attachment: RESTORE Act Project Summary.pdf -- Report only, no vote

Public Works

42. Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis Attachment: Cent Manatee Study Area.pdf -- Approved, 6-0, Chappie absent


Administrator (9:15 a.m. Time Certain)

43. Cortez Bridge Project

Attachment: Cortez Bridge Repair 10-22-2013 Manatee BoCC.pdf -- Report, No vote 


44. Commissioner Comments --

Whitmore -- If you are being released from the emergency room and don't have an address to go to, they can't release you. Some of the doctors are taking the patients home. Can we find a way to buy bulk MCAT tickets? That way it would really help. 

DiSabatino -- There isn't a public pool north of the river. Could we look into maybe bussing the kids to the pools on the weekend?

Gallen -- Lynn Redfern comes in all of the time, and she makes some really good points. It wouldn't hurt to look into some of the issues she has brought up. And Glen Gibellina too, we need to look at the PACE Project and see if we could apply it here.

Benac -- TBARTA has a priority list. I wish Carol was still here, because we could talk about dropping the Port Connectors from the list. It isn't gonna happen any time soon, and replace it with the University Parkway project.

Baugh -- Go to the Conservatory Park

Bustle -- Amicus curiae, isn't that "A friend of the court? Is there a term for "friend of the city?"



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