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Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 8/27/2013


BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's Manatee County Commission meeting, members approved a new fiberoptic camera system for the South County CRA district. In other business, Commissioners finalized the 2017 World Rowing Championships Reimbursement Agreement with SANCA (Suncoast Aquadic and Nature Center Associates Inc.) with hopes that FISA (Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron) will award the 2017 championships to Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota/Manatee County, when the decision is made on September 2 in South Korea. 


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Larry Bustle, Chairman)

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

1. Invocation led by Rev. Catherine Fluck Price, Harvest United Methodist Church



Changes to Agenda

2. Updates to Agenda



3. 2013 National County Government Month Award

Attachment: NACo Letter.pdf

4. Florida Planning and Zoning Award - McKechnie Field

Presentations (Motion Required) -- Approved, Unanimous

5. Presentation of Check from Fit2Run for Robinson Preserve 5K Race

Attachment: B-13-067.pdf

Attachment: Fit2Run Letter.pdf

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations) -- Approved, Unanimous

6. Carl Weeks Day

Attachment: Carl Weeks Day - 08.27.13.pdf

7. Donald Thompson Day

Attachment: Donald Thompson Day - 08.27.13.pdf

8. U.S. Constitution Week

Attachment: U.S. Constitution Week (DAR) - 08.27.13.pdf

Attachment: U.S. Constitution Week (SAR) - 08.27.13.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda) -- Pull Item #15 & #16 for discussion and vote. 

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

9. Clerk's Consent Calendar

Attachment: 082713.pdf


10. Dashboard Report for July, 2013

Attachment: July 2013 dashboards.pdf

Attachment: PSCC_JULY_2013.pdf


11. Approval of Settlement Agreement and Transportation Impact Fee Credit Authorizations for The Ridge at Crossing Creek (Creekwood DRI).

Attachment: Centex Settlement Agreement.pdf

Attachment: Amended FAC CA-03-02-T(R3).pdf

Attachment: Amended FAC CA-03-03-T(R3).pdf

Building and Development Services

12. FINAL PLAT- Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch Subphase TT aka Windy Hill

Attachment: Application & Legal Documents.pdf

Attachment: Bonds & Agreements.pdf

Attachment: Supplemental Declaration.pdf

13. Resolution R-13-156 - Red Light Camera Changes to State Law

Attachment: red light cameras. hearing officers. staff. resolution. R-13-156.pdf

Attachment: Amendment One to Red Lights ILA.pdf

Attachment: Amendment One to Red Light Cameras Agreement v1.pdf

Community Services

14. Amendment #2 FY 12/13 Alzheimer's Disease Grant Program (ADI)

Attachment: budgetres-FY13 ADIamend2.pdf

Attachment: adiamendment213.pdf

Convention and Visitors Bureau

15. 2017 World Rowing Championships Reimbursement Agreement * Clague

Attachment: 2017 World Rowing Championships Reimbursement Final.pdf --  Pulled for discussion and vote -- Approved, Unanimous (story to follow)

Financial Management

16. Budget Amendment Resolutions

Attachment: B-13-065 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

Attachment: Sheriff Request to Expend Funds.pdf

Attachment: Sheriff Encumbrance Amendment.pdf -- Pulled for discussion and vote -- Approved, 6 - 1, DiSabatino dissenting

17. IFB #13-1195CD, Manatee County Historic Courthouse 2nd Floor Remodel and Outside Air Project

Attachment: 13-1195CD Departmental Recommendation.pdf

Attachment: 13-1195CD Tabulation.pdf

Attachment: R-13-139 2nd Floor Historic Courthouse Renovation#2 - borrow from GF.pdf

Attachment: B-13-070.pdf

Attachment: Power Contracting Contract w P&P bond.pdf

18. Pirate City Property Taxes

Attachment: Pirate City Property Tax Reimbursement Request.pdf

Neighborhood Services

19. Economic Development Incentive Grant - Resolution R-13-155 - Project Bronco

Attachment: Bronco-R13155.pdf

Property Management

20. Public Sale and Purchase of Surplus Real and Personal Property located at 530 13th Street West, Bradenton to SWIFT 530 LLC. * Adibe

Attachment: County Deed SWIFT 530 LLC.pdf

Attachment: Quitclaim Bill of Sale SWIFT 530 LLC.pdf

Attachment: Aff of no liens SWIFT 530 LLC.pdf

Attachment: RLS response SWIFT 30 LLC.pdf

Attachment: R 13 094.pdf

Attachment: bid package SWIFT 530 13TH.pdf

Attachment: 13th St W - 530 Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: SWIFT 530 CONTRACT.pdf

21. Subordination of Utility Interests to FDOT, Parcel 116.2 * Wade

Attachment: Subordination Parcel 116.2 .pdf

Attachment: RLS-13-007 by Wade .pdf

Attachment: Parcel 116.2 location map Utility Subordination Description .pdf

Attachment: Resolution R-13-123 for Parcel 116.2.pdf

22. 44th Avenue East (US 41 to 15th Street) CIP Project #6001060. Parcels 714 & 714A, Temporary Construction Easement located at 1205 44th Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida.

Attachment: Parcels 714 & 714A executed TCE.pdf

Attachment: Parcels 714 & 714A executed Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: Parcels 714 & 714A Map.pdf

23. Resolution R-13-153, Pre-suit Negotiations, 44th Avenue East (19th to 30th Street East) Road Project, Parcels 154, 157, 164/164A, and 166/866.

Attachment: 44th Ave. E. Parcels 154, 157, 164, 164A, 166, and 866 Resolution Authorizing PreSuit Offers.pdf

Attachment: Map for 44TH Ave. E. 19th to 30th Parcels 154, 157, 164, 164A, 166, and 866 .pdf

24. LAKEWOOD RANCH STEWARDSHIP DISTRICT for Pope Road Phase 2A and Malachite Drive Phase 2 Warranty Deed for right of way dedication.

Attachment: WD with sketch.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - LWR.pdf

Attachment: Consent - LWR.pdf

Attachment: Pope Rd2A & Malachite DrPh2 LWR- Loc Map.pdf

Public Works

25. LAP Agreement with FDOT Traffic Signal Update SR70 and Lakewood Ranch Blvd.

Attachment: R-13-151_Resolution.pdf

Attachment: 431019-1_LAP Agreement.pdf

26. LAP Agreement with FDOT Traffic Signal Update at CR789 (Gulf Dr) and Marina Drive

Attachment: 431020-1_ LAP Agreement.pdf

Attachment: R-13-152_Resolution.pdf


27. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda -- Approved Unanimous



CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman)


Consent Agenda

28. Minutes for Approval - April 23, 2013

Attachment: CR20130423.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

Regular Agenda

29. South County CRA Camera Project -- Approved, Unanimous (story to come)

PORT AUTHORITY (Carol Whitmore, Chairman)

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

Building and Development Services

30. Z-13-01 - Robinson Preserve Expansion County Initiated Rezone - B00000218 - DTS20130216 - Quasi-Judicial - Stephanie Moreland

Attachment: Maps - Future Land Use, Zoning and Aerial - Robinson Preserve Expansion - Z-13-01 - 8-27-13 BC.pdf

Attachment: Robinson Preserve Expansion straight rezone.pdf

Attachment: Zoning Disclosure Affidavit - Robinson Preserve Expansion - Z-13-01 - 8-27-13 BC.pdf

Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - Robinson Preserve Expansion - Z-13-01 - 8-27-13 BC.pdf

Attachment: Slideshow - Planner - Robinson Preserve Expansion - Z-13-01 - 8-27-13 BC.pdf -- First meeting, no vote

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)




31. Additional Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Long Term Resident Low Income Seniors * Eschenfelder

Attachment: 13-181 Homestead Exemption for Long Term Resident Low Income Seniors.pdf

Attachment: HomesteadExemption2013ORD.pdf -- Motion to send back to Tallahassee -- Approved, Unanimous



32. Commissioner Comments -- 

-Baugh: said she would like to see the important emails shared among all of the commissioners.

-Benac: said there isn't enough discussion about long term transportation planning.

-Gallen: said he attended the Sarasota Estuary Program meeting and mentioned that the residents on 38th can't wait for the 44th Avenue project to start.

-Chappie: no comment

-DiSabatino: said Brad Hodge found funding for the disabled resident who was facing foreclosure. "He's my hero today." Commissioner DiSabatino said.

-Whitmore: said she was looking at the workshop tapes and took notice to how the 44th Avenue group handled themselves,  and added that the Governor appointed her to the Medical Examiners Board.

-Bustle: no comment




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