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Manatee County discourages computer-hip job applicants


Many employers, including Manatee County, now publish lists of job openings on their Web sites and encourage applicants to apply online rather than in person.

Browser message at Manatee County Human Resources Department

Error message shown when viewing the
Manatee County  Human Resources Department

web site with an incompatible browser.
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But Manatee County's Human Resources Department only accepts online applications from people who use the Windows Internet Explorer Web browser, which many computer security experts consider both obsolete and insecure.

In other words, anyone who keeps up with computer technology enough to use Firefox, Chrome or Apple's Safari Web browser is being discouraged from applying for a position with Manatee County.

Since Explorer is no longer available for Mac OS and has never been available for Linux or most versions of the Unix operating system, this means the County is effectively discriminating against applicants who, for whatever reason, do not use Microsoft's Windows computer operating system.

How to view Manatee County job openings without Explorer or Windows

This link has a "printable version" of the County's current list of openings. If you qualify for one of the (few) currently-listed jobs, and do not have a Windows or Explorer-equipped computer handy, one of the Manatee County HR Department Web pages says, "Kiosks are also available at the Manatee County Human Resources Department where staff is on hand to offer assistance."

So even if you run Mac, Linux or Unix or you use Windows but prefer a Web browser other than Explorer, you can still submit a County job application and resume -- but you need to drive to downtown Bradenton (and find parking) instead of doing it from the comfort of your home computer.

Today, even positions that aren't directly computer-related tend to require at least a little computer knowledge. It's silly to make it harder, rather than easier, for people who prefer more advanced Web browsers and operating systems than Explorer and Windows to apply for County jobs.


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