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Manatee County Port Authority Agenda Results 1/17/2013


PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Port Authority meeting the commission voted to purchase two new twin-engine locomotives to push and pull product and equipment around the port's 6.5 miles of track, replacing the aging single engine the port has been making due with for the last year and a half. In other business, FMT/FEDNAV Direct, and Seabulk Towing both gave short demonstrations to what their companies offer Port Manatee's operations. Thursday was the first time County Commissioner Carol Whitmore preceded over the Port Authority as Chairwoman. 


 A. Warrant List

 B. Minutes for Approval -- December 20, 2012

 C. Budget Resolution

 D. Affirmative Action Annual Report

 E. First Amendment to State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Loan Agreement

Consent Agenda Approval -- Approved, Unanimous

2. Presentation by FMT/FEDNAV Direct -- Federal Marine Terminals and FEDNAV International LTD work together to supply shipping operations to Port Manatee. FEDNAV was incorporated in 1944 and is a privately held (Pathy Family) company. They have international offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America, and are the largest dry-hauler group in Canada with a fleet of 85 ships. 

Federal Marine Terminals, Inc has been handling cargo in the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawerence River as well as along the East and Gulf Coast since 1960. Originally established to compliment the Montreal-Based FEDNAV Group, FMT soon began to function independently and is now recognized as an industry leader servicing bulk, specialized and general cargo needs. They have 10 operations covering 12 ports in the U.S. and Canada with an annual revenue of 40 to 50 million U.S. dollars. 

3. Presentation by Seabulk Towing -- Bartley Wilkins, Seabulk Towing, Inc's Marketing Manager, delivered a profile of the company and decried the importance of having "Tugboat" assistance and escort at the port. Seabulk is one of the two Tugboat companies servicing the port. The 55-year old company has 25 tugboats in the South Atlantic, Gulf and Caribbean, and 200 worldwide, servicing 750 contracts in six ports. They generate an average revenue of between $1.5 and 2.0 billion a year. 

4. Bids for Energy Efficient Switch Locomotives -- From the Tiger II Grant to build Berth 12 at Port Manatee, an additional $2.5 million was added for the purchase of two Energy-Efficient Switch Locomotives. An additional $643,170 in grant funding came from Florida Department of Transportation. -- Approved, Unanimous  (full story) 

5. Cargo Volume Agreement -- Pulled from agenda, no vote

6. Federal Dredging Lobbyist -- The Twenty-First Century Group (TFCG) a foreign corporation, located in Washington, DC, will provide Governmental Relations professional services to the port and represent the port on matters before the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. All Governmental Relations work shall be carried out in accordance with general policies and goals set by the Port Authority. -- Approved, Unanimous


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