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Manatee County Port Authority Agenda Results December 15, 2011


BRADENTON -- Manatee County Port Authority Meeting Agenda Results  

1. CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous

A. Warrant List

B. Minutes for Approval: November 17, 2011

November 21, 2011

C. Budget Resolution

D. Kinder Morgan Cargo Volume Agreement

E. Ratify and Affirm Emergency Purchases

2. Amendment to Employment Agreement of Carlos Buqueras -- Buqueras agreed to amending original contract, eliminating the 6 month termination agreement, Insurance coverage and the 13 percent Deferred Compensation. Buqueras said he was very happy to be here and could not wait to start. -- Approved, Unanimous.  

3. Port Security Grant Program Sub-Grantee Agreement Between the Tampa Authority and MCPA -- Authority has been successful at securing a grant for $1,388,100. to secure South gate entrance so visitors don't have to go through Main (North) Gate. Approve a sub-grant through an agent to proceed with design for South gate facility and generator. -- Approved, Unanimous

4. Election of Port Authority Officers --Larry Bustle, Chairman -- Carol Whitmore,  1st -Vice Chairman -- Robin DiSabatino, 2nd -Vice Chairman -- Michael Gallen -- 3rd Vice Chairman.  Joe McClash motioned to amend to elect Donna Hayes, Chairwoman, no second, no vote. Original motion, Approved, 6 to 1, McClash dissent. 

5. Marketing Update -- Port of Manatee's Director of International Sales, Matthew Appice, presented his Port Manatee Marketing Plan Briefing. Reviewed general market conditions, sales activities and approaches for up-coming year. (full story). No action or vote.     

6. Time Change Notice -- Due to schedule conflict, a requested late start of the Port Authority, January 19 meeting, to 10:am, instead of the scheduled 9:am. -- Approved, Unanimous.

7. Foreign Trade Zone For Federal Marine Terminals, Inc. -- The Port Authority received a boundary modification to the original Foreign Trade Zone grant, from the Foreign Trade Zone Board, to establish, operate and maintain a Foreign Trade Zone. Port staff negotiated an "Operations Agreement" with Federal Marine Terminals, Inc.  Fee, $12,000 to operate the Zone. -- Approved, Unanimous

8. Lease Contract Settlement -- In August, 2009, a Liberty Terminal employee accidentally damaged Warehouse #2. Fire Marshal condemned until repairs were made. An agreement was reached in June 2011 with Liberty to receive $150,000 to be applied to the lease to the dry portion of the storage of the warehouse and to terminate that portion of the lease. Final payment plan reached. The terms included a $50,000 payment in December 2011, $10,000 per month payments in addition to monthly billings on account payable in full in December 2012. -- Approved, Unanimous.    

9. Alliance Resources --  Atkins (PBS&J) requested letter of recommendation from Manatee's Port Authority Board, reflecting satisfaction for the selection process"Alliance Resources" performed, in locating and vetting Port Manatee's new Director.  Approved, Unanimous

 Commissioner Comments -- Joe McClash, "We need to follow-up on our Florida's International Gateway."   Happy Holidays, from all to all.


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