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Manatee County Port Authority Meeting Results, 11/17/11




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1. CONSENT AGENDA --  Approved, Unanimous.

2. Amendment to Tolling Agreement and Agreement to Mediate 3. Commercial Paper Loan -- Approved, Unanimous

4. Executive Director Employment Agreement -- Amendment proposed --  To restrict compensation package to new proposed Director, Carlos Buqueras,  to 5 percent, or IRS limit, which ever is less. Amendment Failed, 4 to 3, McClash, DiSabatino, Gallen, Dissent. Call to question the Vote on Agreement,  Approved, 6 to 1, McClash, Dissent. Manatee County Port Authority now has a new Director. (STORY)

5. Providence Logistics Presentation -- Focused on the "Green Express" program -- Competitive Market Advantages Through Efficient Transportation -- James R. Mikes, President of Green Express launched the presentation with the introduction of Belinda Hess, Director -- Marketing food and customer at CSX Transportation, Stephanie Lane, Regional Development at CSX Transportation and Tom Shurstad from Green Express.  All three covered the logistics and preparations for the proposed Green Express Project. They covered the maps north and to the mid-west, where their shipments of fresh food would go from the Panama Canal Zone to Port Manatee, and on to their destination. The route and process by which they would travel will take days off the previous methods currently being used. 

 Commitment to go forward was agreed upon and the staffs of all players are in gear to finish the deal. One caveat is the approval of the Tiger 3 Grant that has been applied for and will be decided upon in the next 45 days (STORY) 

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Upcoming Key Dates:

1.  Port Manatee will host its inaugural Customer Outreach Program tentatively scheduled Dec. 14 in the Manatee County Port Authority Chambers.

2. The Port of tampa will  again host the American Association of Port Authorities annual Shifting Trade Routes conference Jan. 19 and 20 at the Grand Hyatt, Tampa Bay.

3. Port Manatee will host the AAPA's Harbors and Navigation Committee Jan. 24, 25 and 26, at the Marriott Courtyard in Bradenton. The Committee is chaired by Mr. Tyndal, who will assist any member of the authority wishing to attend. The committee is the largest standing technical committee in the AAPA.


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