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Manatee Players Sets Auditions for 4 Upcoming Productions


BRADENTON -- Auditions for the Manatee Players’ productions of PETER PAN, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, OUR TOWN and THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER are as follows: Saturday August 17 at 2 p.m. for ages 16 & under for all shows, Sunday August 18 and Monday August 19 at 7 p.m. for ages 17 and above. Auditions will be at the Manatee Performing Arts Center, 502 3rd Avenue West in downtown Bradenton.  

PETER PAN is being directed by Steve Dawson, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is being directed by Dewayne Barrett, OUR TOWN is being directed by Candace Artim and THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER is being directed by Kelly Wynn Woodland.

There are many adult and late teen roles in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.  Performance dates are October 24-November 10 in Stone Hall.

OUR TOWN  has a wide variety of roles for all ages. Performance dates are October 31-November 17 in Kiwanis of Bradenton Studio Theater.

Roles available for OUR TOWN are:

Stage Manager – male or female, 50’s & up, great rapport with audience, clearly understands the Town, it’s townsfolk and everyday life of Grover’s Corners not quite like anyone else, a very wise and philosophical soul

Doc Gibbs – late 30’s to 40’s, the Town doctor who knows everybody’s ailments even before they do, works long hours,  enjoys history especially the Civil War, doesn’t take himself or life to seriously

Mrs. Gibbs – late 30’s to 40’s, wife of Doc Gibbs, very much the traditional wife and stay at home mother, dotes over her family and yet yearns to see other places and countries especially Paris, France

Mrs. Webb – late 30’s to 40’s, wife of Editor Webb, described as a serious almost to a fault, crisp woman devoted to her family and husband, she does encourage Mrs. Gibbs to make her dream come true

Joe Crowell – 11 yrs. old, the Town’s newspaper boy who has a strong opinion about teachers and graduated head of his class

Howie Newsome – 30’s, a real country “character” who is the Town’s milk man with a horse named Bessie

Rebecca Gibbs – 11 yrs. old, daughter of Doc & Julia Gibbs who is quite inquisitive and interested in the moon, she seems to like irritating her brother

George Gibbs – 16 yrs. old, son of Doc & Julia Gibbs who would possibly be the “most popular” one in his high school, he plays baseball, needs help with his studies particularly Algebra, he is quite “in-like” with Emily Webb, he also feels destined to be a farmer in Grover’s Corners

Emily Webb – 16 yrs. old, daughter of Editor & Myrtle Webb, who would possibly be the “most intelligent” one in her high school, she wants to make speeches her entire life, she is just beginning to see herself as a young woman and tries desperately to get her mother’s attention, she also is “in-like” with George Gibbs

Wally Webb – 11 yrs. old, son of Editor & Myrtle Webb, tends to be late getting his homework finished, he takes Manual Training courses, his appendix bursts on a camping trip and died at an early age

Professor Willard – 60’s & up, a Professor at the University who explains the scientific & historical aspects of Grover’s Corners, he is quite knowledgeable of facts and figures of the Town

Mr. Webb (Editor Webb) – late 50’s to late 60’s, married to Myrtle Webb, he is the Publisher and Editor of The Grover’s Corners Sentinel described as a quizzical and somewhat humorous man, he also has an interesting view of Marriage

Simon Stimson – late 40’s to 60’s, the Congregational Church choir director who definitely has a drinking problem, a strong and boisterous personality with a likely unknown checked past

Mrs. Soames – 40’s to 50’s, the town gossip with quite the opinion and not afraid to voice it, she loves weddings and lets everyone around her know it, she can also become quite overcome with emotion

Constable Warren – 60’s & up, the town’s policeman who watches over Our Town, he is friendly and loves baseball

Si Crowell – 11 yrs. old, brother to Joe who delivers the newspapers, plays baseball and doesn’t understand why George would get married instead of continuing to play baseball

Joe Stoddard – 60’s, the undertaker who hates to supervise when a young person is taken, he knows a lot about his townsfolk not only through the dying but also through the living

Sam Craig – 30’s, somewhat more citified than others in the play, he comes back for the funeral and he’s the nephew of Julia Gibb, cousin to Emily

(Various Ages) – they each ask important questions about Our Town to its inhabitants, they sit easily waiting patiently at their grave, they will also be part of the choir:

Woman in the Balcony, Choir & 1st Dead Woman

Man in the Auditorium, Choir & Dead Man

Lady in the Box, Choir & 2nd Dead Woman

PETER PAN has a wide variety of age roles. Performance dates are December 5-22 in Stone Hall.

THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER has a wide range of youth and adult roles.  Performance dates are December 5-22 in the Kiwanis of Bradenton Studio Theater. 

Those auditioning for YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN or PETER PAN should prepare a song in their key and be ready for the movement portion of the audition that the director may require.

Those interested in volunteering backstage on the tech crew should call Kristin Ribble at 941-748-0111 or to help build the set, call Bill Booth at 941-748-0111.

All questions about auditions should be directed to Rick Kerby at 941-748-0111.

Please note that by auditioning, you are obligating yourself to a considerable rehearsal and performance process.  Please be certain that you are willing and able to make this commitment.


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