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Manatee Port Authority Agenda Results: 6/20/2013


PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Port Authority meeting, commissioners approved a Master Joint Participation Agreement  with the Florida Department Of Transportation to construct a cold storage warehouse, by agreeing to accept $2,459,674 in additional funding from FDOT. In other business, the board agreed on a change order to the American Bridge contract to extend the Berth 12 Container Terminal Project, helping to save $353,566.38 in sales tax reimbursements. 

1. CONSENT AGENDA -- Approved, Unanimous

A. Warrant List

B. Minutes for Approval: April 18, April 23, and May 7, 2013

C. Budget Resolution

D. Deletion of Port Assets

E. Anchor House Lease Extension Agreement

2. Employee Recognition -- Thomas Lee was recognized for his 15 years of service as a railroad engineer.

3. Joint Participation Agreement for a Cold Storage Warehouse --  This is a Master Joint Participation Agreement with the Florida Department Of Transportation to construct a cold storage warehouse by agreeing to accept $2,459,674 additional funding from FDOT. To date, the total FDOT funding has come to, $5,447,849 -- Approved, Unanimous

4. Port Security Grant Program Sub-Grantee Award Agreement – Tampa Port Authority -- The 2011 Port Security Grant Program has awarded Port Manatee $125,000 for a Mass Notification System, $250,000 for Container Yard Cameras and $180,980 for a Tenant Cargo Integration System. -- Approved, Unanimous

5. Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal Construction Administration & Geotechnical Services -- This is a change order to extend the American Bridge's contract an additional 84 days. -- Approved, Unanimous

6. Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal Project – Change Order No. 010 -- This is a change order to the American Bridge contract to extend Berth 12, Container Terminal Project, that helped to save $353,566.38 rom sales tax reimbursements. -- Approved, Unanimous

7. Dredge Spoil Material Acquisition Agreement – Bridal Path Pit LLC -- This request was to approve execution of a Dredged Spoil Material Acquisition Agreement with Bridal Path Pit LLC for the removal of approximately 300,000 cubic yards at $0.35/ per cubic yard. -- Approved, Unanimous

8. Governor Scott & Enterprise Florida Trade Mission to Chile Report -- Port Director, Carlos Buqueras recounted the recent months of success bringing business to the port. He expressed how fortunate it was that the port agreed to a sister-port relationship with the ports of Rio de Janeiro. Buqueras also expressed appreciation for the help that has come from the Governor's office in Tallahassee. Buqueras said Cuba could bring 12 million customers into the scope of the port and highlighted the need to convey that we are open for business to Amazon.com if it builds a facility in Riverview Fl.,  just miles from the port.

Public Comments --

-- Corrie Holmes spoke on the recent report of thefts at the port by an employee who is the son of Bob Armstrong, CFO of Port Manatee. Holmes asked "why the man even had a job?" He also suggested all parties involved in the investigation be put on leave until the investigation is concluded.

-- Ross Maple, Director of Business Strategy at Nordic Logistics and Warehousing, LLC, from Atlanta Georgia, drove down to offer his services and possibility of future endeavors. 


Commissioner Comments -- No Comments



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